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I was gone from Comicvine for a while. It was because of a thread that was made on my account but it wasn't me. My cousin had done it while I was in the shower. I haven't had time to come back and explain myself because of all these exams that have been taking place, I literally have another one tomorrow. I just happened to go on Comicvine today and I was logged in. So to whoever did it, Thank you.

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Yeah dude, every single comment that i had made throlling people, it was my alternate dimession demon that lives on my room and an evil monkey thta helps him.

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You were banned?

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Someone re-ban that man!

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Log out when you leave, unless you have a private computer.. Problem solved.

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I am curious as to what the thread was ?

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Same here...every dumb troll-post I have ever made was my cousin's fault...the jerk.

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You're welcome :P

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Hm... Cool.