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So what did everyone think of the first episode? I really liked it and I like that they set up a fair amount of mysteries so we've got a lot of answers to look forward to. I also liked that it doesn't seem like they're going to overuse the dinosaurs and kind of keep them to a background threat much like the zombies of Walking Dead meaning that there's more focus on the characters and less on the dinosaurs.

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It seems like they are going for an Avatar-y, Jurassic Park/Stargate experience as far as the WORLD goes.  I like a lot of the characters............................not a lot of fuggos.  Although Landon Liboiron is my least favorite person on the show.  When chick with the braids showed up, I was THRILLED.  I'm looking forward to this show.............................and the graphics are some of the best "made-for-tv" graphic I have ever seen.

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Is this any good? Previews looked like a Jurassic Park/Lost type deal... I never have a good feeling about these "epic" big budget TV shows. They usually don't last long. :\

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The first episode was the most awful let down I've seen since Falling Skies and Outcasts.

The whole thing was a shambles of poor script, thinly drawn characters, boring story-line.. i mean its got dinosaurs.. and one dude gets killed.. but that's it..

Everything's so clean and neat.. it looks like a purpose built set with no depth or character or age to it.. and that is whats so wrong with the characters too.. its like they have no back-story but what is rammed down your throat. You couldn't care less who lives or dies because you don't know them as people.

And talk about plot holes.. there's around 50 you can easily spot while watching.. and they jar like someone stapling post-it notes with DUH! on them to your forehead... you can make a sci-fi show without any science.. sure but you have to ground it and make it plausible for heavens sake...

The had 2 hours to wow us and yet escapes from maximum security prisons in the future is so unremarkable you bother showing it. It probably the worse case of Idiot Plotting I've seen on TV.. everyone is a moron.. and if any one had an ounce of common sense nothing would have happened at all... every scene seem based on someone being clueless and doing exactly the wrong thing to allow the next thing to happen.

Poor Jason O'Mara... once again he is a time traveling cop let down by shoddy writing and bland support and sets.

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I watched it. It had incredibly impressive visuals, good quality, and alright acting. The storyline is hard to follow and it falls short at times but I see potential. Some things were predictable. Tips: They need to give more depth to the main character. In fact all of them need some depth. As of now I only can really care about the little girl because honestly she was everything good in this film. Loved that part with the Brachiosaurus I have to admit. Anyway back to main character who I forget the name of. Add more drama and create a compelling backstory for him. We know he had family issues and went to jail.... THATS IT?

They also need to really fix the timing of dialogue. At times I was like "Oh wow that's exactly what I'd say. He did that well" other times I was like "Seriously isn't it a little early for that character to develop a relationship and jumping off waterfalls with that girl he just met minutes ago or be all prissy about things with his dad that haven't even been explained yet?"

Also why did they skip that whole scene where he got the super laser pointer from the future from his wife? That could have been a badass prison escape sequence! This has potential but it needs to really pull out big time in character development and fix those plot holes and messy dialogue.

On the bright side there's laser guns, hot chicks, time travel, and DINOSAURS. The concepts and situations are great but that can only get you so far. The foundation and ideas for a great sci-fi drama are there but until they pull out all the stops and enrich Terra Nova story wise and character wise it will never become a huge success.

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I think it has potential but would like to see it done a little differently

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Great show, so far so good. 

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It was pretty good. Ill add it to my watch list