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Yo, sup everybody.....

Lately, I've been playing Tekken Tag Tournament for the PS3 and I have got to say I'm absolutely loving it.

I though I'd try and start a specific discussion topic about the game since there's plenty to talk about it.

I'll leave it at that for now, since as far as I know, nobody here likes that game.

Well, if you do play it, tell me about your fave teams, fave players and stuff you know about it.

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Never played it or been very into Tekken, but ive played a few of the old ones and always liked Julia the most.

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I've only just bought it this week and so far I'm loving it. Especially with the online features.

I tend to have 4 particular favourites and 4 second favourites to play with.

My 4 best: Paul Phoenix, Armor King, Anna Williams and Jack 6

Second 4: Yoshimitsu, Alex, Miguel and Mokujin

I haven't played Tekken since Tekken 4 came out so I'm still a bit rusty. Went online and won a few matches playing alongside with my brother. He was Steve Fox and I was Paul Phoenix. Then we came across some very very good players and got our asses seriously kicked. My brother couldn't hack being juggled around in the air and kept losing his temper. So he's given up on tekken tag 2...

I don't mind the juggle tag team air assaults but they can be frustrating to be on the receiving end of.

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I'm into Tekken, I actually have played it for few days in a row now.

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Cool, so you enjoy Tekken Tag 2?

I tell you what though.. I wouldn't recommend anyone to Tekken Tag 2 if they're not competitive. There are some really experienced and skilled players out there.

I swear these players have got the mindset of experienced black belts, but for Tekken.

I even watched one very good player annihilate the opposition using Ganryu.


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I WANT this game NOW

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I'm not very competitive, but I've played few online matches, current win rate is ~28%

That's me - WFK

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I'm very competitive. I enjoy the fierce competition that comes with Tekken games. But I'm out of practice from not playing since Tekken 4. One player from Japan completely owned me using Lili. I know nothing of her except she has some sort of flamenco style of fighting. The guy didn't even tag in Zafina. Just used Lili to annihilate me and my bro playing as Paul Phoenix and Steve Fox.

As I typed all this I suddenly notice you use Lei and Lili. I hope you get very good at those two.

It becomes a bit tedious when all the online players constantly pick Bryan Fury, Jin Kazama, Kazuya and Bruce Irvine.

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Well Lili is easy, and preferred by spammers, her main arsenal is her legs so basically you spam with both kick buttons and throw in some directional variations.

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Really? Haven't played as her yet. I've only been practicing ways to tag assault using Paul and Jack 6.

I find Jun is an easy spammer option aswell. Jun and Unknown together are a frustrating combination.