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The evil genius "Lex Luthor" has set a dark plan into motion. With young Conner (Super boy) under his sway Luthor begins to pick off the "Teen Titans". Check out this first installment. Disclaimer this is a fan film, no money shall be made from it. (Rated T for Teens)


Teen Titans (Part One)

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this is awesome I hope you make more of these there's a lot of heart to it and the plot's intriguing.

Also, while I know the camera and the effects is probably the hardest part if you guys need any help with the script there are many talented writers on here.

in particular writes an excellent Harley and Joker in my opinion Gotham Hearts is a good example if you guys are interested.


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@breatheagain: Very cool, just watch when you have guys with reflective sunglasses coz you can see the crew in them :) Bring on the next one

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@Irishlad: Hey thanks dude! That's a breath of fresh air to hear.

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@batkevin74: Ha! Yeah still a student sir. Was bummed when I saw that in the editing room! lol

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@breatheagain: Welcome to the vine. This is one of the best fan films I have ever seen. It is a good set up.

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This needs another home.

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I thought this was where we talked about "Fan flicks" why was my post moved?