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Due to an increasing job related work load I am going to be taking a couple of months break from the Vine to get this part of my life under control.
I will be back in a few months, of that there is no doubt and I might make an occasional sporadic appearance now and again.
I'm going to wrap up any outstanding threads that I need to reply on tomorrow before I finish up.

See you all soon.

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See Ya Later Creator
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Peace man

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Its gonna be anarchy in the Battle Threads now. Peace C-Bass

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Take it easy my friend.

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Hire someone to do it and stay on the vine.

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Be easy, Creator.

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Take care man. Stay safe and try not to work too hard.

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take care man  hope everything goes well

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Your presence will be missed.  Take care.

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How can you do this to us?

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awww the person who's IQ rivals mine [=