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You have 4 human abilities, touch, hearing, sight, and smell.

Now somehow allows you to swap some in exchange for superpowers. The catch is that when you use the power, you lose the given sense.

Now which do you pick? I doubt anyone will swap all of them..also DON'T do this...

Super Sight, super hearing, super smell, super touch. That is NOT allowed.

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@lorbo: What about taste? Thats a sense.

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I guess I could give up sight for radar, like daredevil, but even then, that would be stretching it.

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Kay so I goofed.

You have 5 senses to swap.

Taste (easily the one everyone will swap)





Have at viners!

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All 4 for reality warping.

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... 4 senses?

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@lorbo: I would give up taste for reality warping

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Give up smell for omnipotence.

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