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At first I thought it would be great to give a superhero leaping powers based on a frog. Then I looked at how they jump and realized that the human body couldn't jump like that even if it had the power of frog legs. It is not designed for that, and does not have legs that stretch.

So I settled for this, I think it is waay cooler in that it allows limited protection and travel at the same time.

Character name: Longshot

Powers Include:

Alpha Beams: They can move like Darkseid's, bending and changing direction, but have a different function. Their color is orange.They can move at bullet speed or slower. They can teleport her. If she teleports in mid air she will hover for 5 seconds before she begins falling. The beams can go through almost any material except lead. If she turns her head while firing the beams the beams will not keep going forward but will be frozen and move with her head as she turns it.

Telescopic and X-ray vision: Useful when used especially with the Alpha beams.

Limited Telekinesis: She can move anything that weighs 5 pounds or less. Bullets would not be a good idea to use against her as she would catch them midair. Unless of course you fired so many bullets that they began to weigh more than 5 pounds. She carries what is like a Batman utility belt with cryopellets among other things. Quite useful for combat when used with the telekinesis. She could own Batman really come to think of it.

What do you think? I like it.