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Hey whoever has the displeasure of reading this,

Marvel NOW is starting up soon, which is weird cause I wrote up something slightly similar to the vein of it a while back on here, and among the series moving forward is a brand new one titled Superior Spider-Man.

Now everyone knows Slott believes he's going to be hated and the new Spider-Man isn't Peter Parker and blah yada blah.

Again, this is a theory of mine and I could be wrong which would be good and bad in some ways, or right which could also be both good and bad in some ways.

What I'm thinking is that they have been building up Doc Ock dying for a long time now. In the years since they've announced this, they've ramped up his threat level greatly. He is supposedly the last villain Peter will face before the book ends with Octavius learning his secret somehow. Since he is a genius, what if he somehow (and remember the argument that is comics and much weirder things have happened in them) switches places with Peter. Peter has been acting rather cold, which lead some people initially to believe when this was was originally announced a little while back that maybe he goes into full crazy, near Punisher mode. But with the covers showing that he;s looking at old pictures with the tentacles at the side, it could absolutely be metaphoric. He has been sort of colder towards his enemies (no one can blame him for that) and the idea that Connors' is now the full mind behind the Lizard could be a kind of foreshadowing that we missed.

I say it could be both good and bad for both sides because is I am wrong then it's good because that is just a terrible thing ti happen to Peter period. He could ruin his life and his image and by the time that gets fixed, because it would be once Octavius realizes he could never be half the man Peter is they will switch, and it would take years worth of story-telling to undo the damage which Marvel would like. It could also be bad because then that means some guy who for some reason has spider-Man like powers is now around and we have to follow him fighting Parker's rogues (Marvel has some weird fetish with developing new characters, making them crazy important immediately then shoving them down our throat and make it clear whether or not we like them, we had better get used to them). Why it could be good if I end up being right is because, as lousy as that idea is (I'm not jazzed about it, I'm just batting it around in the old noodle) that is one of Peter's greatest enemies living his life, as he's stuck in his body. It's terrible, and the most terrifying thing he will ever have gone through period, but the story potential is great. Plus as I said earlier, Peter will eventually return to form and then the ramifications from that would be interesting.

In conclusion(!) this is how either way it could be saying that Peter is not technically under the mask and people would want to go after Slott because he just catatonically sidelined one of the most popular characters in the world by having him vegetized.

So, instead of making a long-winded comment, as I am prone to do, I figured I'd type up something real quick here. I failed to do that and I am sorry. But I'm interested if people think I'm even slightly on point or if I;m crazy or if you think it's really the Vermin under the mask this time.


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Grant Morrison's message in his Animal Man run continues to ring true today. Why do we always feel the only way superheroes are interesting is that we put them in terrible misfortune. Some characters like Daredevil, this can work, but Spidey seems to have had one royal shitstorm after another recently. I just now was watching Linkara review the Clone Saga, and not only is Spidey playing anti-hero not in character , but the whole thing of a foe stealing his image has been done already. Kraven has done it, his clone has done it, and some dumbass mugger has done it in the Ultimate universe. Not sure of how I feel about this new series; the name "Superior Spider-Man" and our protagonist practically subjugating MJ. I don't have any comic stores around so I probably won't be able to see how this folds out, but I nevertheless love to hear from others. And Vermin, what's he been doing lately?

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Congrats! :L

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Are you a witch?? lol, tell me the numbers of the lottery please! well done

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Well predicted. (: