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Megaman, Villiger, WII FIT TRAINER!!1111!!????

And was that Pac-Man at the end of the Megaman Trailer???

I'm really flipping excited about this. How do you feel about it?

Anyone want any characters? I'd like to see Pac-Man, Maxwell ( Scribblenauts ), and You ( A customizable Mii )

If you can please post some more info!

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Ninetndo rememeber Megaman and they saved it from Capcom.


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I am so psyched! I haven't play SSB in YEARS.

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Ok, we get MM in Smash Bros. Now lets get him his own game this gen!

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@joewell said:

And was that Pac-Man at the end of the Megaman Trailer???

No. It's Yellow Devil, a Megaman boss. But don't give your hopes up, with Namco helping Nintendo with this project and a new Pac-Man game coming for 3DS in the future, it's possible that he will be later announced as a newcomer.

I'm really excited about this game, and I also think that a customizeable Mii Character(not only in appearance, but also on moveset) would be awesome. Wii Fit Trainer was kinda weird though, but a female newcomer is always good(the past games didn't have much females, and it's always nice to see the number of females close to the number of males in games).

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I am SO excited for this! Can't wait to see the new characters that come with this!

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Awwwww, But cool

Yeah, thats what i was thinking with the Mii character. It'd be kinda complicated but if done right it could be awesome

Me too, but it kinda sucks thats its only for Wii U ( not that i have nothing against it, i just don't have one ) and 3DS. The Wii Fit Trainer i think is actually kinda cool, weird, but cool. And the trailer was pretty funny :D

You have any characters you wanna see?

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@joewell: Well, I'm happy that it's also coming on 3DS, because it will take some time for me to buy a WiiU(though I need it badly and it's my console priority now).

I've always wanted to see Daisy(Mario) on Super Smash Bros. She's got enough potential to get an original moveset from the past games or easily represent the Mario Sports series. Just like you, I's also love to see Pac-Man in the game(my friend and I were fooling around this week thinking of how his moveset could be) and I'd also like to have Sonic back since it would be nice to have an all-classic battle of different companies in SSB. Oh! But I really wish they left some past characters out too, like Falco, Ganondorf and even Wolf, I really can't stand clone characters. Some cool third party newcomers that could also be added are: Black Mage(Final Fantasy), Sora(Kingdom Hearts), Neku Sakuraba(TWEWY), and Tails. I wish they bring Mewtwo back too.

It would be cool if Bayonetta joined the Brawl too now that the sequel is a WiiU exclusive. I know this is pretty much impossible and most people wouldn't approve this idea, but we can always dream, right?

I also wonder if Assist Trophies will be back... just imagine if characters like Rosalina, Blues/Protoman, Geno, etc. acted as new assist trophies. This could make characters that don't have much potential or are too similar to the playable ones make an appearance in the game.

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..that's it?? No more new characters? What a bummer.

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They best being having Wario and Pac-man. Though I don't even have a Wii-U

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@nerx said:

I'm not against punching children in the face.

I'ma go bananas on yo @$$

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..that's it?? No more new characters? What a bummer.

Its was just announced a bit ago, there will be more

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I just can't believe they are making the Wii Fit Trainer a character.....its not like there aren't other characters out there to choose from....not upset about it, but its a really, really bizarre choice.

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Wii Fit Trainer is a genius idea!

As long as Luigi is in the game, I'll be happy; otherwise, the Luigi Smash Bros tattoo I got a decade ago will just seem silly

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@joewell: Oh really? Okay that's a relief :D Thanks!

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I'm so buying this.

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I doubt it to be likely, but I'd love to see Mewtwo return. And not as that...thing that they made him change into now, I'm talking Mewtwo Mewtwo.

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1st RULE: You do not talk about SMASH CLUB.

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Super Smash Bros 4 was comfirmed years ago. Need more Fire Emblem & Mother characters in it. Maxwell from Scribblenauts.

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@joewell: The new characters are cool minus Lucina. From what I've heard and scene, so far she's girl Marth. Customization seems a little redundant since you can't use it online IIRC, same with mii fighters.

I bought a 3DS mainly for this game lol. Not buying a Wii U though.