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A lot of dumb conspiracy people have been saying the horrible shootings at the showing of DKR in Aurora and the Sandy Hook Elementary are connected, as some of us know. Well, I came across this crap and figured I would share it with yall..

Batman fans should be aware of South Hinkley in Gotham City..(if not, here: http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/South_Hinkley ) Well. South Hinkley is also known as Sandy Hook. And Sandy Hook is listed on a map Gary Oldman points at in the DKR movie.. So this is driving the conspiracy theory folks nuts saying its a connection of the Aurora shooting to Sandy Hook... This kind of stuff really sickens me... Thought I would share this with yall!

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There is a scientific name for these people. Retards.

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True...True.. I knew there was a better word to type rather than type out 'conspiracy theorists'... Darn.

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People like this are either incredibly stupid or just have such sad pathetic lives they decide to stir stupid things like this up.

Calling them theories is an insult to that word.

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Cool Easter egg.

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