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Out of curiosity, do any of you just randomly begin writing stories about your characters? I'm writing a bit of one and [so far] it's promising. Also, when you're confronted with it, what do you do to suppress writer's block?

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Oh yeah I do all the time! Except...I write it on the Vine. Either on my blog or I try n tie it in with the RPG's.........n to try n suppress writer's block.....I wacth stuff that gave me inspiration for my character or stuff that i think is cool. Like playing a video game or wacthin a movie.

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Hell yeah. THe stuff that im posting on Vine World is just excerts from the first two chapters of my in progress novel. Check em out and if theres enough demand ill post a fan fic.

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You're righting a Novel!? If it's anything like this ONe Eye dude I'd read it!

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Actually its about my character without powers. When I came on the sitre i just took him and gave him powers. Ill post some of it here if you want. You Enjoying the One Eye idea then?

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Very much. It's cool how the different Carriers aren't just humans but different objects and stuff.

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Well guys, its what youve all been waiting for. The first two chapters of my book. Thirteen stars for freedom. just say if you want more.

Thirteen Stars for Freedom

Prologue- Apprehension

The dust rose from the worn road, thick, billowing clouds rising from the parched earth with every step. The land was rejecting the soldiers. Men who had fought and suffered for this moment, the moment that they would return to the land of their birth, trudged along, feet barely clearing the ground. Their throats parched and their spirits broken. Their own country achieving that which thousands of union soldiers and four years of death had failed to do. It had crushed them.

Ten miles from Dawsonville Captain Rees halted the column. With barely a sound the dishevelled men clambered over the low fence at the edge of the field, their weariness making their movements slow and awkward. They bivouacked down for the night, the organised rows of tents and cooking fire of two years ago less than a memory. Now men found a convenient place out of the wind and pitched a ramshackle tent with their friends. The only thing that identified them as soldiers were the tattered uniforms on their backs, gone was the discipline and the professionalism. They had been eroded by four long years of defeat and attrition.

Rees worked hard in the failing light, sweat soaking the old uniform that he wore. The Lieutenant that he rested with was out in the darkness, doing the rounds. The tent went up slowly, but he didn’t stop. When Mulcahy returned he fell in without a word and helped. It took ten minutes but then it was done. Once the breathless minute of contemplation that followed the labour had passed, Mulcahy spoke.

“We need wood for fires.”

Rees stood, unmoving for a while before answering.

“I’ll take some men out with axes.” With that he walked away, calling for a detail from every tent.

The night closed in on the workers as the swung and hacked. A tree fell, then another. Each covered in instants by a horde of slow moving lumberjacks. They group returned to the camp, each man laden with logs and branches. As the fires blazed and the cooking pots wafted their enticing aromas over the tents, men packed kits away. They would have no use of their dress uniforms, this was no triumphant return, and so they went to the bottom of the pack. As the food was eaten silence reigned over the camp, each man falling asleep in his own private world. Captain Rees looked at his boys, men who he had lived and fought with for four years seemed now to be strangers. The promise of home, drawing ever closer was breaking the bond that they had forged in the heat of battle. It was a sobering thought. The war had achieved nothing, they had been forced back into the union and even the men that had fought together for their confederacy would not retain a bond of fellowship.

With a barely perceptible sigh Rees stood and walked to his tent. He lifted the flap and went inside.

Chapter 1- Homecoming

The day was breaking, bleak and miserable as the soldiers broke camp. The fence was no longer an obstacle and they walked with fierce determination. Home was ahead. They could feel it in their bones, the wind whispered it to them. This was the land of their birth.

Rees marched at the head of his men, his sabre and 44. hanging at his waist and the heavy Henry rifle on his back sapping his strength. He’d won that rifle; there was no way that it was being left behind. He’d won it at Pea Ridge.

“You got that look on your face, which one you thinking about?”

Rees turned. It was Lieutenant Ball with what was left of his company.

“Come on Malcolm, you can tell me.”

Ball had always been a straightforward man. He’d never messed with his words and thought that tact was something that you stuck things up with. But then they had known each other for years, going back before the war.

“Pea Ridge, we should have won.”

“You always say that, never could just accept that you got beat.” said Joseph despairingly. Malcolm smiled bitterly.

“It was a bitter one though, a forced march through the night only to see those Yankee boys between us and McCulloch and the stand at Elkhorn Tavern. I’m surprised that we survived.”

“We survived worse. That was the first time I killed anybody, just shot a man in the chest as we went up the ridge. He looked so surprised. Would have liked to stop and think about it, maybe try to come to terms with taking a life, but there was no time.” said Ball.

“I killed that scout the night before, took his rifle and I’m still carrying it. I swore then that I would never kill again. Course the next day I broke my oath and lost all my delusions about the nobility of war. Along with every man on the field.” replied Malcolm.

The troop kept moving, drizzle came on and went. But they kept going. At around four o’clock the column approached the town. Half a mile from the boundary they were stopped by some cavalry. Rees elbowed his way to the front, noting the grim looks of the men he passed.

A tall officer was sitting on his horse, talking heatedly with one of Rees’s sergeants.

“You will hand over your weapons to my men.”

“I didn’t survive three years of war to give my gun to some snot nosed brat straight out of school at the edge of my town.”

Rees smiled, the officer looked hurt and opened his mouth to reply. Rees stepped in quickly.

“That’s enough Sergeant.”

The man turned and walked back to the ranks, Rees caught his eye and nodded.

“Are you the ranking officer in this rabble?”

The mounted man asked.

“That I am, I hear that you want our guns.”

“I am under orders to gather all rebel military material and return it to the arsenal at the fort.”

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I like to use the Comic Vine World Thread to write out Zaraki and his life. I have only made five or seven posts, but I have introed him and one of his closest friends/relationships.

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Yeah im doing that as well. just looking for approval here realy.

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No. Well... If i started writing every time I had an idea to write, my computer would have no MB left.


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Malcolm Rees says:

"Yeah im doing that as well. just looking for approval here realy."

I would like to read your stuff in the CVW thread then. I really like that people are getting the introductions for their character out of the way and some of the people are doing an awesome job. Hope you have fun in the CVW thread. I like the part you posted in here. Almost makes you feel the hopelessness of thesituation that Reese and the men are in.

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i am and its in the CVW thread and i think im a good amount into it not at all done but im enjoying very moment

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I'll throw in my piece that I've just started (based on Shyft's character) that I hope turning into at least a short book.

Katrina drew in one last, forceful breath before taking the plunge. Crisp water surrounded her and muffled out the noises which intruded into her consciousness. She was calmed by the serenity, the pressure weighing down on her firmly. She found her sense of peace in this cold, blue world. In this conditioned, artificially cleaned environment, she just stopped.She reached the bottom of her aquarium. Feeling along the fiberglass bottom, she turned over onto her back. For a moment, she lay there, in suspension, before the breath in her lungs began to drive her slowly upward. She reveled in the feeling of water softly brushing past her body, and the sensation of flying that she so loved.She could feel her body break the water’s surface. She noted the feeling of, what she thought seemed like sliding into another world, as the figure of her body broke and rose above the surface. She exhaled steadily and likewise drew in another breath of air. There she floated on her back, balanced by the air residing within her lungs and the slight, subtle swishing motion of her feet.She opened her eyes, the left of which possessed a hue reminiscent of the most beautiful emerald, and the other, whose azure depths resembled never ending seas. A likewise, richly blue sky was there to greet her sight, accompanied by a large, cheerfully golden sun. The slightest of breezes flowed over her skin and helped to cool off her body, which basked in the sun’s powerful, gleaming rays.Her raven black hair fanned out around her in the water, and, as the sunbeams struck it, its hue turned sanguine. The tint let off by her hair shifted between each as it moved to slight waves produced in the water’s wavy surface. Her body, buoyant in the body of water, shimmered softly as streaks of water fell and slid down, converging with the rest of the clear blueness surrounding Katrina.There she remained long enough to lose track of time. She positioned herself upright in the water and swam to the water’s edge, where she...

That's what I've got.
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