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LOL! It's funny bc I don't know if any one here is as coffee crazy as I am, but I looove coffee! Anyway! I usually brew my own coffee at home with the brands you see in the title. But on the go, I occasionally visit the above stores to get some hot drink for this winter season. My town is filled with Starbucks and Peets in just about every corner of town, but the next town 20 mins away has a small coffee shop called Gloria Jeans! Now, I don't know if a lot of you pungent people on comicvine has ever heard of Gloria Jeans, but their coffee is absolutely amazing! If you have one near your vicinity, please try it. You will get a huge assortment of flavors and styles you wouldn't of have imagined before coming from a coffee joint! Well now! It's time to do what I originally intended this thread to be before I opened this thread. VOTE & RATE!!! As you can see, you will share your rating below regarding the three major franchise. You can be as bias as you want. This is after all a thread of opinion!

Rating from 1 to 10:

Starbucks = 7

Peets = 5

Gloria Jeans = 10

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Holy Spit, it's Alanis Morissette  ! 
It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day... It's A Free Ride When You've Already Paid... It's The Good Advice That You Didn't Take... Who would've thought... it figures  ! 
Anywho, I am a Starbucks guy because it's all around us here... LOL
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Im in London so apart from Starbucks i have no idea on the others sorry.

But have to say here in London StarBucks is my least favourite, i find the coffee there just awfull on a scale of 1 to 10 I give StarBucks a 3.

Best place to get a proper Expresso/Coffee in London is Taylor Street Coffee House run by some ozzies & boy do they know how to make a cup :)