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Tell me people and please be reasonable about it. I mean it. No trolling...

Logical or Illogical?


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Star Wars is the superior series.

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Seems more or less right, only thing is that is pointless is the follower numbers, but hey lol Despite my liking the Trek, it doesn't own in most categories, doesn't mean it isn't good.

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Both are great franchises.

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I'll admit they're both awesome imo

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Popularity ≠ Better Quality

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Fun fact: a B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey can comfortably hold two X-wings in its cargo compartment.

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@shadowswordmaster: If it can hold two whales, than a pair of X-wings shouldn't be too hard.

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Like both of these series a lot.

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I much prefer Star Wars its just always struck as being more interesting to me. But other people may prefer Star Trek which is fine. Just different tastes as all.

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Click here if the picture is to small.

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In some instances, I can easily prefer Star Trek over Star Wars. However, the Jedi and Sith thing with light sabers adds a dimension to the lore (same as Predators) that I can not ignore.

Mostly, I prefer Star Wars although they are both amazing.

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I personally prefer Star Wars more than Star Trek as my cousin and I grew up on it. I could never get into Star Trek no matter how hard I tried but the Abrams films are wickedly cool! Unfortunately, not many of the fans like them :/

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I love both but I love Star Trek more. I didn't get into Star Wars until I was a teenager. I started watching TNG when I was a little kid. Take the original trilogy put them up against the three best star trek it would be tuff for me to choose. Take the last three star wars movies and put them up against the three worst star trek movies, I think Trek wins.