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And here I am once again to all you wonderful and loyal Viners to discuss another adventure in the signing world. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a signing at my LCS which served as a larger party for the release of Star Wars #1 earlier that week. As such a portion of the creative team behind this book was present, including series writer Brian Wood, artist Carlos D'Anda, and letterer Michael Heisler. There was also supposed to be colorist Gabe Eltaeb in attendance but sadly he didn't show up for the event, and thus I didn't get every book I wanted signed but hey, there are greater tragedies in life, right?

This turned out to be quite the event, and not just because I had been in line in darn near frigid temperatures with good friends of mine waiting from morning to the afternoon for the event. An hour prior to the signing the LCS opened their neighboring clearance sale warehouse where I helped myself to some nice 3 dollar a piece trade paperbacks (choosing Human Target, KOBRA: Resurrection, and Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters in the end) and proceeded to see members of the famed cosplay group the 501st Legion "Vader's Fist" coming out to promote the event. Suffice it to say, there was nothing but fun this fine and glorious day!

We shall begin proceedings on the awesome Brian Wood. In addition to him signing my first issue of Star Wars, he also nice enough to sign my first issue of The Massive as well as my first issue of Mara, two great books that I'm absolutely adoring at the moment. The conversation we had went in awesome directions as I brought up a recent interview he had been a part of in a couple of articles written for the March 2012 edition of The Drawn Word, namely concerning how he has reinvented himself in the industry and just what his feelings are regarding the revolutionary move toward digital from print for comics in general. It was an honor and a privilege to meet the man and have nothing but praise for the guy, and not just because he also signed a Star Wars poster of mine out of the goodness of his heart.

Next we come to Carlos D'Anda, who's art I've always been fascinated by. Of course the priority was to have him sign my first issue of Star Wars, but I also had him sign my sixth and eighth issues of the current Justice League series, my Superman: In the Name of Gog TP, my Superman: Sacrifice TP, and my This is Wildstorm copy. He was quite surprised at the Wildstorm issue I had him sign, for it was from 2009 and thus had been years since he had remembered contributing that piece. Still, he was a great sport all the same in giving his John Hancock and seemed to be quite the passionate individual with regard to his trade. All artists should aspire to have such passion as he does I say!

And now we come to Michael Heisler, the letterer on the issue of Star Wars that came out last week. That of course was signed by him, in addition to Thor #460, Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1, my copy of the 2009 Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- Gauntlet of Death, as well as my issue of Thor Annual #14. He recalled having lots of fun with the Ghost Rider/Blaze issue but was especially floored when I showed him the Thor Annual. When I asked him if it took him down memory lane, he jokingly referred to it as memory canyon due to the fact that the issue hails from November of 1989. It was wonderful to have met him and I consider it an honor to have done so!

No major release event is complete without a little cosplay, and luckily for fans such as I, we got to have a bid dosage of it with the arrival of the 501st Legion, more popularly known as Vader's Fist. They are a group of dedicated cosplayers who bring the awesomeness of the Galactic Empire down for events such as this and helped add to the overall atmosphere of this release event. Fans got to see the likes of Darth Vader and Darth Revan, as well as Mandalorian bounty hunters (Sorry, no Jango or Boba) and even Imperial Stormtroopers and pilots. These guys truly exemplify the art of cosplay in my opinion and were a pleasure to mingle with while the event was in progress.

I know it looks bad, but really, I was innocent of the charges, I tell you! But seriously, these guys were good enough to ask me if I wanted an incarceration shot for one of the many pictures I was taking and, who can truly pass up an opportunity like that?

Oh wait, they DID have cause to arrest me since I had this stashed in my backpack! Not bad for a mere human, huh Bothan spies? In summation, it was another wonderful signing event wrapped up people! Between meeting great writers, artists, cosplayers and friends, it was a day that I'll not soon forget. This new Star Wars ongoing for Dark Horse is proving to be a great piece and its easily going to be another ongoing hold for me in the months ahead. And now I leave you while humming the Imperial March off to sleep...

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Very nice

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That is so awesome! I really want to come to your comic store! *Sigh* maybe someday...