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So I've been a fan of the SSX series since Tricky and bought the latest instalment on Xbox Live today so I was wondering whether anyone on Comicvine is a fan of SSX or not?

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I only played SSX On Tour(PS2)..or something like that

Freaking awesome game..

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SSX 3.

Played that game so much...

That and Timesplitters 3...

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SSX was my favorite unrealistic extreme sports franchise back in the day. I absolutely loved and played the life out of SSX 3. I feel like the series somewhat fell off since then but the recent SSX game was a very good return to form. The only thing I didn't really like was the survival type of stuff but the online features and level design was all pretty amazing.

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I've only ever played Tricky, but it was amazing, one of my favorite games.

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Am I the only one who misread the title of this thread as "SEX"?