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Alright I have been looking for the complete series of the Spider-Man Animated cartoon from the 90's. I think it was 94 or 95. I am actually tring to get all the superhero shows from back then but can only find the Fantastic Four Animated Series. Anyone know how to get them or if you can?

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I don't believe that the other two have been released in official collections in their entirety yet. Most likely all can be found bootlegged on bittorrent or on ebay if that is your thing, but otherwise we must just be patient. Thay have released some non 90s collections (I have the really early spiderman collection and I love it).

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BW has the Fantastic Four season 1 on dvd.

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The only 1990s Marvel animated series on DVD is the complete Fantastic Four series.

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Thats sad. Hopefully they will come out soon.

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I know they're DC (I figure the 'etc' part of the topic), but Justice League and Batman Beyond are all available on dvd. Some of Spidey's are, but only storylines not as whole seasons. Same with X-Men, although Evolution is. Those are all region 1 (ie USA), I searched amazon.com

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I am actually not looking for DC. I have the Justice League. The etc was actually for Marvel's other shows like Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and I think Avengers had a short one. I think that is all of them besides Fantastic Four and the ones mentioned in the title.