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Poll: Space Dandy: Good or Bad? (poll) (12 votes)

Fantastic series. 9-10/10 42%
Pretty dang good. 7-8/10 25%
It has it's moments, but isn't all that special. 5-7/10 25%
Meh. 3-5/10 8%
Eww. No. 0-3/10 0%

Well I was watching a bit of Space Dandy, and had absolutely no idea what to think of it.

What do you guys think of it?

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7-8 for me

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I'd watch it all day as long as the new episodes kept coming lol

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It was between "Meh" and "It has it's moments, but isn't all that special." for me but decided to go with the latter. Everytime I watch it, I just feel that all this great animation is wasted on it.

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It's alright

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Fantastic! It's not Cowboy Bebop, and once you get passed that, it's great. It's much more serialized than I'd anticipated. Like, it's not really a long-form anime. All the episodes are one-shots that don't have anything to do with eachother. More like a cartoon than an anime...

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Not even close to Bebop, but I guess you can't really compare em. Bebop is a masterpiece, Dandy is pretty good.

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Dat season finale tho