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Are social networks useful or useless?

Gime me your opinion, please!

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Not a fan.

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Cool! I like time to time find smth interesting, prefer this one http://radaris.com/ and of course FB

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I have an FB account, but i havent logged on in over 4 years. Everything is far too mandatory. If i dont respond to someone's like, its as if i have insulted their family and must commit sepuku.

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It really depends. Social networks cover a wide net of media sources from tumblr, twitter, facebook, linkedin and even comicvine. All are products of phatic technologies and essentially are a product of human need. They make things easier for a lot of people. Like people with large families or kids that go abroad for school.

It really just depends on how you use it.

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You best start believing in social networks.

You're in one.

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Not a fan.

You seem to be a fan of Comic Vine?

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@samon33: Oh, you're not even a real person, are you? ;-)

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Useful. It would be incredibly difficult to stay connected with anyone post-highschool without Facebook. Its an archive on a fairly large portion of your life, through photos, memories, and shared moments.

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YouTube has been good to gain some exposure. Comic Vine has been good for meeting fellow comic fans. Don't have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram though.

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YouTube is good but the community is horrible.

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Friendster is cool

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It's all I do online. And I suspect the OP is a bot or something.