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I'm gonna keep this one short so yeah, with gay marriage being generally viewed as ok these days, does that mean we can look forward to the legalization of polygamy any time soon?

Cozy out. Oooooh! And remember: I'm not a polygamist ... Yet =]

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I don't know what gay marriage have to do with polygamy...

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Yup soon polygamy will be legalized in the future I suppose

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Oh, you're one of those people.

Yeah, it'll be legalized and so will bestiality, pedophilia, rape and murder.

This does remind me of Futurama though, Old Man Waterfall is my hero!

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It didn't take long for this thread to go off the tracks, basically equating illegal amorous or sexual practices to homosexual relationships (which are not illegal) is uncalled for.

@Roger Rabbit: The above goes mostly to you.