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Wow... he was just 66 ? I thought he was older than that.

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wow rip

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Yeah, I saw this briefly when I was looking through the news and it shocked me. Never have read any of his books, however I've always been interested in trying them out.


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:O Man I'm shocked. I haven't read his books but I'm sure they're just as good as the games.

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I still can't believe he died. And it seems to be slipping underneath most people's radars.

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He was a fantastic writer, one of my favorites and I will miss his stories. Rest in peace Mr. Clancy.

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Loved his books. Especially 'The Hunt of Red October'.

Will miss him a lot.

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I love his books. My heart goes out to his family, and will definitely miss his contribution to entertainment. His last book is released this December. Everyone should buy it. One, last, great adventure. I'll try not to get all teary while reading it. One of the, truly, best is gone.

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He was my favorite author..

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Rest in Peace, such an amazing Author.

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Never read his books but I hear they're very good. May Mr Clancy rest in peace.

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Captain Scott Mitchell, Sam Fisher and Bishop. Awesome.
So, which is your favorite Tom Clancy book?
Mine is The Hunt for Red October and Rainbow Six.

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Hes up in the Big Nuke Sub in The Sky

I'll miss you :[

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Was very sad and stunned to hear this yesterday morning. He's truly missed. May he rest in peace and I hope his son will be alright. Tom was a fantastic author.

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@samimista: I feel bad for hoping a new Video game comes out of this........

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Wow. Didn't read his books or play his games that much but he had those things everywhere! Condolences to his family.

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R.I.P. Tom Clancy.

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Wow, it's sad that he died pretty early and someone was saying that he was still releasing books. It's a big shock to say the least, RIP.

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He was my favorite writer, I loved his books.