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so they used to burn women that where witches but also they say water are they're weakness, what is it?

(n dont ask me who 'they' are)

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Fire. Dunking the accused witch in water was a method of torture to get a confession.

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As Warhammer 40K says "Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics."

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They used to drown witches also not just burn them. All of the witches back then we're real :P Humans drown and humans burns so they're weak to both because they were just normal women....

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Fire tended to be a cure all for evil back during the era when the Witch Trials happened, vampires, werewolves and pretty much everything people were getting accused of being was getting set on fire.

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They actually didn't burn many witches at the stake - thats all stories, movies and hollywood for the most part - they burned some in England but the burned at the stakes idea is somewhat of a misconception. Much more common was hanging and drowning and the wheel of breakage.

Another poster mentioned heretics which yes, the was punishable by burning, but that was usually for some religions to use against other religions, religious denominations not witches. Most of all though, never eat a witches cake.