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I'm so sick of the arguing and fighting. I leave for one goddamn week to have fun and the two most significant people in my life stop talking, again!

It's so frustrating, it's just like, if I leave, will it stop the problem? I was the whole reason the fight started, I just want to leave and never come back. Or have amends be made and the feud forgotten.

I just don't now what to do, I'm 13, 221 pounds, black, it's like life said f*ck you.

Sometimes, I wish I was dead. It'd be much better than living in this hellhole.

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hahaha 13 are still the easy years compared to later on in life

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Why exactly are they fighting over you?

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Just chill and dont care as much, its never entirely your fault unless you go out of your way to be a D.

It will get better with time - thats a promise, never do something you might regret and strive to improve yourself as much as you can.

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When things seem dim i take a moment of time for myself, roll my eyes back inside my skull and think about what really matters. Not in life, but at all. If you look at stuff from a bird's eye view, or even more far out things don't seem all that tragic anymore. What are personal affairs, politics, economy to stars or galaxies that have been and will be for eon's after their existence. Your part in this time and place is to make the best of it. If you're the cause for the problem "try" to help sort it out at least, no one likes a quitter. Most certainly not the quitter himself. Tough it out.

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@warlock360: Thanks for the words of wisdom.

@bruxae: it's just, i feel guilt is all. I'm the root of their relationship, .

@armiv2: Well, my aunts bf is in jail so she sends him letters. In one of the letters apparently she talked about my weight and my mother read one of the letters and tada, the fight starts.

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Forgive me if the answer to this is obvious, but what is the problem causing this arguing?

Edit: nvm, answered above.

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@youngjustice: How can I say this... It's not you. It's them. I think the people you are referring to are your parents and if this is right, they are in an abusive relationship and what you are watching is them both using each other as a type of self-medication for their own mental problems. They need psychological help, good psychological help, and so do you.

It doesn't help to step in because it's not about the argument themselves. They have their own issues and issues with each other so even if you step in and voice your opinion, take sides, or point out where both are wrong or right.... it won't matter, because it's not about the argument itself and more than likely it will just make them turn on you.

The best thing I would suggest is to try to get away from them and tell others what the problem is. There are problems with the system... your father will likely get screwed over a bit so have sympathy for him, but be aware that this is a problem that they both have, likely because their parents before them, and them because of parents before them. It's not a genetic thing, but when you see parents fighting all the time it gets burned into your psyche and expresses itself in your relationships. The sooner you see it and get help the sooner you can deal with it, get over it, and fix the behavior.

If I'm right that it is your parents, I would suggest getting in touch with a guy on youtube named Dean Esmay here: http://www.youtube.com/user/deanesmay

He, along with Erin Pizzey have dealt with various form of abuse and would know better what to do and how to deal with it.

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@youngjustice: previous post was before you said what the argument was... It's still not about you. It's them. They and you need to sit down, talk, and see if you can come to some understanding. Ultimately, it's your body and how you feel about yourself that is important. Fuck them if they don't respect you. And for this to provoke the reaction of what you typed in your original post, you and they, both need psych help.

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@youngjustice: You could of message me lil bro. Always here for you. I'm taking you mean your sister and mom though? You have such a hard life with everything you've been through yet you're always so strong. But please never say you wish you were dead. That is such strong words. Life can be tough but sometimes we gotta remind ourselves on how we've made it so far.

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I just don't now what to do, I'm 13, 221 pounds, black, it's like life said f*ck you.

You're only 13, give it some time. But I thought at first you were saying that you were 13,221 pounds. I was gonna say... haha.

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@youngjustice: Well I'm not the wisest member on the Vine (in fact I'm not even close) And in general I really suck at given advice. But remember to keep your head up they are going to be better days in the future I promise you that. It's not your fault, and I'm more then sure things will get better as time progessess.

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You have your whole life ahead of you, just give it time, the night is darkest just before the dawn.

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13. ah. memories. ugh. ugly time period.

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Early teen years... I remember them like it was yesterday.

If you think life is hard now, it gets a lot harder when you get older. Sit down and talk to them and ask them about why they are fighting and tell them how you feel.

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It's them.

Not you.

You are a wonderful, intelligent, kind and insightful person who carries far too much responsibility.

Good on you for talking about it and not keeping it inside. It always, always gets better and there are many people who value and care for you for good reason.

(Plus -- if you want to talk about it more and get it out of your system, I am here as well. Which I know, you know but still. Always worth reminding you.)


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Seems like life is coming at you fast.

Life can be pretty messy at times, it may get more messy for some than others, but it always gets messy one way or the other for everyone. It is a shame that you have to go through this at your age, but I assure you it isn't the end of the world. We're always able to handle more than we think we can, despite how dire situations may get. There do come times when things get overwhelming, this is when you turn to people that are willing to help you through these situations.

The first thing you have to learn is that you are not responsible for how two other people act towards one another. Even if it feels like you are responsible for such things, you're not. If you were to take only ComicVine as an example, you'd notice that people barely need a reason to start going at it.

At the end of the day, you should focus only on what you want out of life and how you're going to get it. And remember to have fun doing it too.

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Thanks for all the advice, I am now getting along great with my aunt and mother, even though they are still at a dislike for each other, I'm not going to be apart of it. Thank you :)

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And it gets worst kid!!!