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Poll: Should I dye my hair red or blonde? Justify with your favorite superhero :) (34 votes)

Red 71%
Blonde 9%
Some other color 21%

I have a hair appointment tomorrow, and I think it's time for a color change! So...red? Blonde? Purple?

Posting images of your favorite superhero hair may help sway my opinion :)

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I said red on twitter and I stick by that here :) Contrary to popular opinion, redheads have all the fun.

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#3 Posted by Tacos_Kickass (844 posts) - - Show Bio

Reeeeeeed, blonde is kinda boring.

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this thread reminded me of this.

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I usually like red heads but based off your avatar you don't look pale so I'd go with blonde.

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@missj: well her dyeing her hair blonde caused her to resemble a woman who was going to testify against some crime boss, so his goons kidnap her, and Superman had to put out a tire factory fire and stop the kidnappers at the same time.

then dyeing her hair red caused her to resemble a famous actress, at a baseball game all the people crowd around her and cause the bleachers to crack, so Superman wrings a chain link fence into a steel girder with his bare hands in order to stabilize it.

so of the two red seems like the best option.

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@laserlambert: Ok, that's kinda cool. (All I could find out about the issue was that it had the first appearance of green Kryptonite!)

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While I may be blonde, you should rock the red

#10 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (6548 posts) - - Show Bio

Batwoman is a redhead, and I am a redhead, so that's what I'm going with. :)

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Blonde:GL Approved

i really needed an excuse to post that

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Do both at the same time.... Two tones! Part blonde, part redhead, best of both worlds! It's just hair go ape $#!% with it! @missj:

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Awww Yeah...

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Go crazy, go red ;)

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Based off of my fave superheroine? Blonde.

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Why not green huh?

or you could just go bald

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Looked at all yer images, redhead is better

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Blond hair is overrated

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I have no idea what color Wonder Woman's hair is but I like it. You should choose the color you're most comfortable with.

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Only thing i have kinda took from comics was to copy Dakens Mohawk lol hair colour isn't important to me .

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Heres some cool unique colors, all of them really cool and its pretty much guaranteed you'd be the only one with one, ive personally done the blue and everyone loved it!

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I am compelled to say Red hair, Its a hard thing for me. because im bat shit crazy for a red headed woman.

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Either is good as long as the carpet matches the drapes ;)

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Red head. Red is fun.

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Red's absolutely beautiful.

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I would go red. Red is gorgeous.

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wow! wow! wow! red is being so overrated right now. as if half the world doesn't have "cool red hair". so umm yeah I like it the way you have it or black.

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Dying hair blonde can often look too artificial. Then of course there's when the roots start showing. Trying to tell from your little avatar but I'd say red is safer and will look more natural. Unless you dye it Ronald McDonald red.

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@avenging_x_bolt said:
Blonde:GL Approved

i really needed an excuse to post that

oh Hal, you dog!

pic totally saved on my pc, this is awesome!


although if you don't want to be just another blonde

maybe green or blue? like all those japanese and alternative girls. it's quite feisty

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How about strawberry Blonde =D,

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Red hair is super awesome

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My buddy and I realized how attracted we are to reddies and subtly convinced our girlfriends to dye their hair red. As in: we got all their friends and siblings to say the same thing for like three weeks. It was great, until his girlfriend figured out that we ridiculously planned it all like crazy mad scientist.

That being said, any eccentric color is lovely.

PS: I am now single and I have no idea why :P

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It might help to know what you look like (is that you in your pic?) complextion could matter a lot depending on what hair color will suit you best.