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I need this ASAP answered. I am a huge Deadpool fan but is his game worth buying?

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How much do you care about gameplay? From what I hear Deadpool can carry the game if you're a fan, but if you're looking for actually interesting mechanics then the game may disappoint.
Note I haven't played it myself and I'm just saying what I've heard.

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No. The gameplay isn't all that great. If you want to get it just for the humor, watch a let's play on YouTube instead.

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I own it, and the humor was very good, game mechanics were repetitive, and the game feels kinda short. I suggest renting it from like a Redbox or Gamefly.

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Heck no.

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I guess it depends on what kind of games you like I've herd people say it was awful but to me it looked pretty awesome. Maybe watch a bit of game play on youtube first.

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I wouldn't pay full whack for a game I wasn't sure about, so if you have some to trade in then go for it, if not then I'd wait a bit.

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I had really high hopes for the game, but once I started playing it, it wasn't long before I realized I kind of hated it. The gameplay is nothing special, often repetitive, the story is just "okay," and the humor is fun at first but gets redundant and annoying fast. And I'm not a prude by any measure, but the sheer level of profanity got to be pretty annoying too.

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I'd actually wait for the prices to go down, but that's just me.

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If you prefer story over actual gameplay and you are a DP fan


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If you want a casual action fighter game, with some shooter elements, and a lot of great humor, but are not bothered about gameplay not being amazing, get it.

And for god sake, if you're not a Deadpool fan, don't get this game. You won't find it half as funny as you should and that's three quarters of the deal when you buy this game.

I advise you rent it.

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I actually really enjoyed it.

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Free trophies.

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Nice, My reply got picked as the answer. I now feel special.

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How the hell should I know?

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Nice, My reply got picked as the answer. I now feel special.

I said something thus I made it null and void. Disappointment....

@thegreyoutcastx: It is way to easy

The game? Yea, I would agree. The only difficult comes to being swarmed as opposed to any real challenge.