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Stanning Hateration Attitudes Divas Extravaganza Eleganza

aka "The Diva Thread"2.0 .....or to some, "That weird thread w/ all the GIFs"

Special thx to Slight for his creative contributions! lol


Welcome children, to the haus of S.H.A.D.E. This is an evolution/extention of the diva thread where we will continue to follow and discuss our favorite pop "divas" past and present (or any other artists who possess Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent) as well as everything from reality/competition shows, to shows like Glee, web series' like G2BR, various award shows, or any other related current events in pop culture.....

.....There's even the occasional diva RPG where you can practice your "bitchcraft and wigatry", schooling bitches and throwing shade as whoever you may stan for, featuring your's truly, Rihsus: Queen of Charts and the MAD Hatter (aka Shady Shoniwa)...

...So come join in our "T" party as we kiki in the shade!

*In short, this is pretty much like a general discussion thread.....w/ homo tendencies. -_^

TROLLS need not apply!

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N T ways....

Glee's MJ ep. as AMAZEBALLS!!! I LOVED almost everything about it (except for maybe some of the slower songs). Santana brought her A game w/ the sassy comebacks and shade....and did I hear her call Sabastion a twink? XD Also Mike and Artie had major gay face during "Scream". Looks like Nene will be back next week too!

Drag Race was ok. I'm still rooting for Sharon Needles at this point....cuz she's the only one that really stands out tbh. LOL at Shangela coming back again and then getting eaten by the zombies screaming "Hallello! Halleloo!" .....Milan is a dead ringer for Kelly Rowland....crossed w/ a horse....and SO glad that dry booger Alisa went home. Jiggly brought the house down on "Toxic"!!! YAS! lol

Also I already knew about Morgan McMichaels, but turns out Willam was also in the "S&M" video...

PS Ringer was finally back too....if anyone still watches or cares. <;)

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lmmfao  !
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Divas 2012
That is the best OP I've ever read!! #Slayedd

These guys are pretty funny

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Nooo I missed Ringer! >:(

I'll have to find in online.

Nene is coming back?! YAY!

Still waiting for Sam and Alex...

Anyone heard of this gal?

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all these GIF
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I cannot unsee.

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@Renee said:

That is the best OP I've ever read!! #Slayedd


.........Of course I've heard of Lana!!! (she's my AV btw ;) I've been obsessed w/ her lately and just bought her album the other day. She's also re-releasing her 1st album this summer...it has a lot of great songs too.

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...Nene AND Ricky Martin as the spanish teacher. haha ...You don't even notice Damien on the show anymore. I honestly forgot all about Sam and Alex.

Ooh Ringer was good. The real Siobhan is back in town!

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Ahaa I've only seen her once on SNL so I didn't notice.

Ooooo I like that song too!!

I know...Lindsay didn't even get first and shes had better scenes.

It's like a waste of character. Oh well more screen time for Rachel


New BIC pics released and a future image.

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Bump for lulz.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Bump for lulz.

Damn you.
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@Illuminatus said:

@InnerVenom123 said:

Bump for lulz.

Damn you.

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@Renee said:


Ahaa I've only seen her once on SNL so I didn't notice.

Ooooo I like that song too!!

I know...Lindsay didn't even get first and shes had better scenes.

It's like a waste of character. Oh well more screen time for Rachel


New BIC pics released and a future image.

these images are scary
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Ciara doin it big in 2012

*harlem shakes*

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say what ?
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The Mighty River
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Please, I'm loaded.

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What did we think of the Queen, her Madgesty last night?

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Personally, I LUUUVED it, albeit lipsynced and bit cheesy/messy at times. Give Me All Your Luvin is a cute song, but I especially loved seeing her 'shufflin' w/ LMFAO and going to church w/ Mr. Green! Get it grandmama! lol ...kinda wish she did Ray of Light too though. Oh, and that entrance when Vogue started slayed my life! #WERK


@aerokinesis said:

Ciara doin it big in 2012

Wut? Did she get promoted to assistant manager @ Wal-Mart? ;)

..@pixelized said:

Please, I'm loaded.
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...Not gonna lie, it is kinda catchy.

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Shady Shoniwa: Wait...No you stop...That's enough of that bullsh!t..Like I told you before Rhiannot, while you're playing games with charts and things... My album went platinum...Not gold, not silver, not red hair...but platinum. And didn't I tell you to stay wherever the hell it was you were going...You don't listen, and I know this because you continue to make "music" even though you can't sing...i don't get it, but it's whatever now.

And if I'm the Mad Hatter, you're definitely PennyWise the Dancing Clown booboo, you're scary, you keep coming back no matter what, and your teeth are something I have nightmares about. And for your information, that Crow you see is actually a "Mockingbird" from my song Atticus...but of course you wouldn't know anything about that because you can't read...

BTW you could definately use one of thse pictures if you want to compare...even though the one you used it perfectly better than yours. ; )

I just got my cable back so I've been missing a lot of stuff, but I did see that Career Suicide Madonna tried to pass for a half time show, I honestly would have rather seen Rhianna Lypsync for her LIFE, that's how much I dislike Ms Like A Prayer...

Also, the OP is the most hilarious thing ever...XD

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Breaking S.H.A.D.E. News: Are fellow diva Whitney Houston has just died due to unknown circumstances at the age of 48. Her body was found at the Beverley Hilton Hotel at 3:55PM by hip hop artist and friend Ray J. R.I.P.

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@stoneo: OMG I was so shocked and saddened! Especially b/c she was just seen out w/ Ray J and I saw her sneak in an interview w/ Clive Davis just the other day. v_v ...First Etta and now Whitney. smh

Here's a couple of my fav Whitney songs...

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Loading Video...

<3 ...A legend never dies.

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On a lighter note...


...Ah yes...I remember mi first platinum album. Twas many years and hair colors ago. To be honest though, mi music has garnered more precious metals than a periodic table, hunty. I've simply lost track by now, but I'm still thankful nonetheless. ....and you obviously couldn't even read the OP right. I'm da Queen of Charts, not no clown....but I will give you nightmares if you keep coming for me. Don't forget I'm Illuminati, bish! I could end your career and your LYFE w/ one voodoo chant from Mama Odie.

Speaking of platinum, you might catch me at the Grammys tonight, rockin that shade as I perform w/ Coldplay. Hope to see you.....oh that's right you're UNINVITED.....how unfortuuuuuuunate, Slight! (shout out to Alanis lol) ....."Like anyone would be, I am flattered by you're fascination w/ me..."...just don't be jealous of my boogie. xP

BTW Spare me your dusty ass "ANTM for amateurs" portfolio. I'm not Tyra and I'm not taking auditions boo. Maybe next time find a hat, or some fruit, or whatever the hell kinda trash you find big enough to cover that mug of yours, Mad Hatter....

...Gurl BYE.

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Let's discuss these Grammy's. shall we.

1) Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston was very touching. I love how she didn't try to copy Whitney while singing and did it her own way. She was also able to keep herself together even though it was quite emotional.<3

2) Yay for Adele!!! So proud of her. She is the second woman to win most amount of Grammys in one night. (Tied with Queen B.) Best of luck for her.

3) Rhianna had the second best performance of the night, but I fell that Coldplay made it great.

4) Why is Nicki Minaj still considered a new artist?

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My reaction when I found out Whitney was gone to the upper room...May the Fierce be with her...Halleloo and AMEN!!!

Shady Shoniwa: Hey Rhianna...you know what's also on the Periodic Table?... You probably don't but I tell you anyway...Things like Radon, and Uranium... Things that will kill you given the chance...Illuminati or NOT, I will do the same...So please don't step to me because I'll just cut your Samson hair and remove whatever fake ass strength you have...

Queen of the Charts....I think I was right when I call you...Queen of the Clowns... And you're right, I wasn't invited to the Grammy's..But I did watch at home...And I found out, among all of the things you are, LIAR is just one of them...How in the Hell can you come for me on anything when that Wiggity WIGGITY WACK ass performance you gave was broadcast to the world. I mean come on...The whole black thing with the lipstick and that deep fried wig of yours...Who do you think you are? Sharon Needles?

And I see you've been clocking my pics...Thank you, because I never get tired of looking at myself. By the WAY boo, Krista from season whatever won...And we are sort of similar looking, so that just brought your argument down like a popped Gold Balloon.

The Grammy's were meh this year, and I have to say, Adele really did deserve those awards, but then again WTF kind of competition did she have at all...most everything she went up against was older than Mathusila himself...JHuds rendition of "I will always love you" was touching, she almost cried...(Reminds me of when Estelle cried on that random awards show...SHE still couldn't sing if her life or booger carreer depended on it)

Also, SAM WAS ON GLEEEEEEEEEEE...I was praising Jesus like no one's business, LMFAO...My life would have been complete if it was him in that Gorilla suit instead of Bearofski...YUCK...Shrek number 2 IMO...

But never the less, The new guy on Spartacus (not the guy that plays spartacus, the one that he freed from slavery like two episodes ago), Ian on Shameless, and now Sam...I'm going into visual overload

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@Slight: Whitney sure picked a hell of a night to go out tho... Like a true diva! <3

....aaand Maya Rudolph is hosting SNL this week. Guess we won't be seeing her do Mrs. Houston. v_v

Slayhanna: Hate, hate...hate, hate, hate. It don make me no nevermind. I still snatched 2 more Grammys to add to my collection and was best dressed of the night. DEAL

*360 degrees of PERFECTION* -_^

Macy (Gray), put down the crack pipe. You need to check into rehab, cuz jealousy is one hell of a drug....and as much as we may shade each other, deep down I care and don't want to have to bury you too. Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up!


As far as the Grammys goes, I agree it was pretty mediorce this year. JHud's tribute got me misty, but it was too short to get me bawling...but given it was so last minute I think she did great. Very simple, but powerful at the same time.

...(Reminds me of when Estelle cried on that random awards show...SHE still couldn't sing if her life or booger carreer depended on it)

Aw, I actually like Estelle...even if she is a booger. XD .....Adele was for sure the highlight. Miss Hunty bear brought the house down and snatched every wig in the room! When she performed and was all "You could of had this AAAAAAAAaaAAAaaLLLLLLL!!!!!" to her ex like bitch, you betta SING that ish! Make him eat dat KAKE. lol

and the icing on top, serving fish face on the cover of Vogue.

Everyone else was just ok. Bruno was cute in the beginning. I'm def not mad at Riri's WFL performance...it's still not my fav song tbh. The 10 seconds of "Princess of China" was disappointing tho. They hyped it up so much and that little acoustic thing was all I got?! They could have done soo much more w/ that song. Katy was serving me Surge/Power Ranger reject. She's so beyond the point of overexposure now....and she violates us w/ yet another stale song??? How dare she! -_-

...and I wanna know who let Nicki in the door?!?! The second I saw Satan's baby arrive w/ the Pope I knew it was gonna be a mess. The performance was almost embarrassing to watch.

Also, SAM WAS ON GLEEEEEEEEEEE...I was praising Jesus like no one's business, LMFAO...My life would have been complete if it was him in that Gorilla suit instead of Bearofski...YUCK...Shrek number 2 IMO...

But never the less, The new guy on Spartacus (not the guy that plays spartacus, the one that he freed from slavery like two episodes ago), Ian on Shameless, and now Sam...I'm going into visual overload

Sam was.....nice to look at. Was I the only one who thought for a split second that Kurt's secret admirer was going to be MANcedes??? ROFL I would have died.

btw LOVE Shameless! :) Haven't watched the new season of softcore porn Spartacus Vengence yet, but I think I might know of whom you speak...

...mmhmmm.....but the gay slave boys rarely ever make it to the end of a season on that show. ;\ lol

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@riri4life: Let me just compliment you...I was dying of laughter from your last post...the shade... THE SHADE of it ALL...

Shady Shoniwa: I thought you were going to start singing "Hate hate hate...I don't care what bitches say...I don't even look their way" but if you won't I will... Because I don't look your way, because your greasy face reflect way too much light, and I can't see. But the shade you just threw made it a whole lot easier for me to glimpse your imperfections. Like that wig...I'm sorry to keep harping on it, but why in the world or the next would you choose one that looks like it was inspired by spider legs...It's just wrong.

I know Jesus, but I'm wondering if it's the same person you know because, I know he wouldn't want his children speaking of the things you speak of, that being said... The Grammy's you got, are pretty much null in void...I mean who the hell was your competition, and don't say Adele please, because she can have a seat in her LazyBoy just as well as the rest of you. Adele learned everything she knows from me...She'd never admit it, but it's true...Just like you learned everything you know from the rats in the alleys of Barbados, how to scurry along until you take over...I do have to hand it to you though, I'm really astonished that Keri Hilton didn't recieve a single word that night...wait...no I'm not...Opps

and please don't be made because I'm electorfying, and you're just frying, you should worship me like the girls here.

That Vogue cover his IMO hideous, I never thought Adele was that much of a looker, but she's really not appealing right there. Did they have to beat her face so much that she looked like she was in the Royal Rumble? and the HAIR, was quaffed like Lui Kang's in Mortal Kombat..Katy Perry was just as terrible as ever... I don't get it...She can't sing, not even a little bit, she couldn't carry a tune with a bucket, and please don't get me started on Estale, she's another one that looks like Mr. Edd was her cousin, and she can't sing...I've tried to give her chance, after chance, after chance, and now I'm tired...

Oh.My. GOD, that thought never occurred to me, if it was ManCedes...I would have gagged only a little bit more than I did when I saw that it was Karofski....YASSSS THAT IS him, I was sooo worried when he got stabbed this week, I thought it was gonna be the end of it all, but thank the Domina that he lived...XD, and now I have a new boo to add to my impossible to meet list...Don't even know his name, but he was on the Voice, and he sang Seven Nation Army, and I was like Cambles mmm mmm mmmmmm good...Oh yeah, and the Irish guy from The Wanted, halleloooooo...They were on Chelsea Lately and she asked if everyone was strait and he didn't respond, and I looked up to the sky like...Thank you Jesus...

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Diva ESCANDALO Randomoso: Shakira was attacked by an angry sea lion while vacationing in South Africa!

Get well soon and echa pa'lante, Shaki!

@Slight: *takes a bow* I take my bitchcraft very srsly. ;P


. Queen Cocoa butter face has the nerve to say my mug is greasy?!? If that is the case then what is you? To quote my dear Aunty Mimi, "Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion. Baby come and get it let me give you what you neeed!" ...and you hunty, are Mother Hen....or "Miss" rooster for that matter. You tell me, cuz by the looks of you, I'm not so sure these days. >_> ...Betch, I wanna see the receipts for all these lies your tryin to sell. People obviously ain't buying anything from you. I was a Covergirl AND spokesmodel for NIVEA! Also harpy lady, you can stop harping on my gawgeous mop and spend more time moisturizing them chicken wings, legs, breasts, and thighs of yours.......they be looking extra extra crispy. Hell, rub a lil on yo crusty stank biscuit for me too. .....At the end of the day betch, a Grammy is a Grammy...and you are nobody's competition. How could you be? Especially when your "good gurlfriend" Adelephant couldn't even get your no-name ba-donky entered in the contest. I told her what you said about you teaching her everything....This was her reaction:

Loading Video...

...My thoughts exactly. Your lying had us dying! BTW I may be signed w/ Illuminati, but Jesus is da one I truly stan for. I refuse to worship false idols such as yourself. Let she who is w/out sin cast the first shade. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but no worries b/c my bones are insured for millions...and reading you to filth excites me. Na na na, come at be bish!

LMAO.....I'm mean for Adele tho, she looks pretty good. Some of the inside pics were better than the cover tbh. Katy needs to go away or at least cook up something a little fresher than recycling Gaga every few months. I won't stan for Estelle, but "American Boy" is still my sh!t. ....."Mr. Edd" omg XP

Not sure about the "I'm Glad You Came" boys (so many jokes)...but yeah...and Puck is the lead singer! lol I saw that Voice guy. Loved that cover, but I must mention Deandre Brackensick from Idol. He's too gawgeous. Like a pre-op Leona Lewis/JTT....and that falsetto.....guuuuurl! How we doin??? Cuz I really want to know. hahahaha



aaand I mustn't forget this... The Carter family on SNL!!!

Prince! LMMFAO

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Shady Shoniwa: Lord...I pray that you give me strength to keep my cool, because I'm really about to blow up on this untalented crow...You know what...Never mind, I can ask for forgiveness later.

Once again Rhiannot, you come for me with the shallowest of credentials, and the shabbiest of resumes. I think it's funny that you say I'm ashy or whatever, because standing next to you, anything would be sticky with lubrications of all sorts...I can't say that I want to do that or ever would, because I wouldn't... Needless to say that snatch of your is pulling in everything near it like the black whole it's sure to be, but I won't be mean. So I'll just lay the fact out like I would you, IF, I could bare to touch you. Wild Young Hearts came out in 2009 that was three years ago boo, I wouldn't have been invited this year anyway.

Stop acting like you and Adele have a great relationship, because you don't. I know this because you're scared of everything that can sing. That's why you and Katy Perry are friends...Besties if I'm correct.As they say..Birds of a feather F*** up together. So next time you decide to collect references, make sure they mean something first...

You may be bad...But I'm great... XD

OMG...He looks like a more refined Samuel...LFMAO

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Im assuming none of you watched the Brit Awards?

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@Slight: omg Karofsky almost died on Glee! <:'( ....I probably wouldn't cry if Quinn died tho.... no shade, but shade. lol

Slayhanna: Word of advice mama, don't come for me about shabby resumes when we're not even sure if yours exists. I'm not gonna waste my time trying to find 3 y/o "Dusty Old Farts" receipt(s?) for you b/c that could take all day and I've got wigs to snatch and records to slay. People don even have to check for me and my credentials b/c I'm an international bitch...it's just a known fact that that Rihanna reign gon be takin ova your empire. My credentials may seem shallow, but that's only b/c my body ody ody is all you ever wanna focus on. Once again, you're fantasizing about getting your filthy paws on my golden snatch. As your drag mother Sensei Caliente would say....

*GAG*....Speaking of drag and all things grotesque, what the frock are you wearing in that pic??? You look like a tranny hooker trying to hitch a ride after getting gangbanged by a pack of gay poodles. That or you just crawled out of my "bestie" Sh!tty Perry's lady hamper. ...Btw I only use that talentless twat for the publicity...not that I really need more.......and I never said Adele and I were friends. We just run into each other so often between award shows, we occasionally talk tea. Too bad she don't flock w/ you anymore. She don't even look your way. >_>

Quit hatin on me cuz you know I look good. My hair done right and my snatch real tight. All eyes on me, I took the night your LYFE! :P

@The Umbra Sorcerer

Im assuming none of you watched the Brit Awards?

I watched a couple clips online. Adele's such a classy broad. ;P

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LMAO @ some of the gifs here.

#33 Edited by _Sojourn_ (19642 posts) - - Show Bio
Loading Video...
That's Enough of that Bullsh!t

You sour old transvestite. Of course my resume exists...This would be the time that you show me receipts of people actually wanting you around, other than to gyrate and yodel like you're in the freakin mountain tops. You should be thanking GOD right now that the Illuminati chose you when they did or your BATTLESHIP would be sunk. Tell me, who has asked you to cover great artists like Diana Ross, Nina Simone, Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston? And please don't ring up FUSE's biopic offer, like your at a WALMART register.

I remember watching your little biography on that channel, and I say again, I could only get through the first five minutes, because it all just seemed so...unreal. Who knew this little island girl could make it if she tried...I didn't, and so for that I commend you. You should know that I give props where props are due so congratulations on having all of your Number 1 singles, congratulations on having all of your grammy's, and congradulations for being able to store them all in your enormous head.

Shall I continue? And let me remind you again...remember Jaime...My drummer? I bet you don't, and that's how it's going to stay..Keep actin brand new, and I'll just remind you of when you were? But seeing as you're tired, beat and used up, I'll just let you reminisce about how good it is to be Illuminati, because without them, we all know... You'd be calling for an S.M.C instead of an S.O.S. "SAVE MY CAREER"!On to the NEXT ONE!

I missed glee this week, I was at work, but I want to know how???

Also, FINALLY Got 2b Real is back... I was dead from the Holy shade given all around...and what did I tell you, I knew Diana was going to be on Team Sass, and Brandy was reading like she was actually literate in the ways of shade.

I'm finally caught up on Drag Race...and I'm loving it...Sharon Needles is still my favorite. but Willam is can read the house down like no one I've ever ever seen before...

!EDITED!Onn to

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@Slight: Patti and that whistle register tho! LMAO ....I'm still a few eps behind on Drag Race. LIVING for Sharon, but I'm also loving that hungry hungry hippo Miss Latrice! The McMichaels' Chad and Kenya are cute and that Dida dude lipsync's like the rent is due tonight! Watch her twerk it w/ that little ginger snap XD...

Loading Video...

I don't really care for Willam for some reason. He and Phi Phi are shay-Tee but too stuck up...like they tuck too tight or something. lol

Slayhanna: Sour? Old? Transvestite? I know you're reading off your resume for me, but you can stop. Illuminati obviously chose me for a reason. My Navy is an unstoppable and unsinkable juggernaut that's been destroying any and all basic bitches in my path since '05. I am HBIC and captain of my own ship. You just some washed up sea hag leech clinging to my poop deck for dear lyfe.....but guess what, I'm about to make a bitch walk the plank! *kerplunk* (fyi: that'll be the sound of your music career hitting rock bottom very soon)

What I wanna know is who in their right mind asked you to do all those covers??? Your co-workers at the Dollar General? Obviously Nina and Sam never heard of you, and I KNOW my great aunties Houston and Ross never gave you permission either. Bitch, anyone can cover a song. I've done everything from Oasis, to Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Prince, Sheila E, hell even Lynyrd Skynyrd. I've also actually worked/performed w/ Elton John, Bono, Jay Z, Eminem, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Slash, Kanye, Adam Levine, etc. I could go on forever really.....but I get it. That's what you do. You a busted, poor man's Janelle Monae. You and your lil doo woppin floppin hooligans are nothing more than a Ronnettes/Marvelettes/*insert here*ettes cover band who thought y'all could ride on the success of the 2nd invasion of your fellow brits a la Adele and Winehouse. However, I do appeciate your acknowledgement of my accomplishments and I commend you for...well..... just trying to stay relevant. Keep on faking it till you make it, galfriend. -_^

...Normally I wouldn't remember nobodies like you and your two albino bear cubs (I know y'all are dying to collaborate w/ me...LMAO), but I'll never forget the first time we met back in '09. Funny thing is we were actually at one of my boss daddy L.A. Reid's shindigz where I was presented w/ more platinum while you and the other newbs performed for me. What started out as a simple altercation, turned into a real sticky situation...

I don't wanna go into the gruesome details, but we all know you were lustin after my coconuts all night and attempted to ..."bump clams" w/ me. >_<

...It was just.......hmmm.

I never told anyone this, but you where actually the inspiration behind Man Down. ......Luckily things never got that far, but if you ever pull that ish w/ me again we can play russian roulette ....and you will lose. Don make me pull di trigga, pull di trigga. pull di trigga gal, BOOM!


BTW I saw that shade at V Fest last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGmAujJHOHs (start @ 1:50)

Don act all naive to what happened, you know damn well what it is. I'm setting up a homebase in London soon and bitch, you betta not enter my enclave. Told you I be takin ova your empire. Now make way for your Bajan princess! Go on.... take a bow.

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OOC: Dita Ritz can lypsync for her life for sure, but Sharon is still my favorite. I am SOOO Glad that Kenya is gone, and so GLAD that FeetFeet was in the bottom. BTW, Ms. Mulan be snatchin wigs like she's looting in the 90's after Rodney King got beat down. I was like, wait, is that Janelle for realz, although JMonae would never have a tux as ill fitting as that one was. But the face was on point. That snatch game was a fuggly mess, and I can't believe, I won't believe Hippo Royale tried to stunt on Aretha, I was like...Get ready to be read the house down, and back up again.

Shady Shoniwa: Oh that. Seriously though, the only reason I laughed is because I didn't know you knew what an enclave was. Because you keep talking about a navy...and an enclave is land locked, so I just don't get...Never mind, it doesn't even matter anymore.

It sounds like someone needs to calm down. I have a question? "Are you mad" "Do you house resentment" "Are you angry" because that's the only logical explanation for your continued campaign against me. I mean, if I'm not even on your level as you "claim" then why are you bothered with me. I'll tell you why. It's because you're threatened by my existence in the game boo. When I did perform for you at LaLa's party, I showed you what it is to be a real artist. One that could sing without that voice box you use, one that didn't need to have a dance routine to distract from the fact that you can't sing, and one that displayed the abilities of someone with vocal range. But I digress. That night, you saw me and from that point on, you hated me. I'd hate me too if I were you, but I'm not and I can only thank the Lord above. AMEN.

"Bumping Clams" hmmmm (in a sighing fashion) I really, just can't...It's too much. IF I went that way, I would not even get into the same California King Bed with you, much less touch your skin, in which I already explained why. Your clam is most definitely "open" and it's got sand all up in there...So yeah, Nothing's changed there.

Interviewer: If you had could talk to Rhianna face to face, what would you say?

I think you mean RhianNOT. (Interviewer shakes her head) I wouldn't say much of anything, because she doesn't listen. Maybe it's because she thinks she knows better, or maybe there are invisible handlers covering her ears to reason...So I'd just look her strait in the eye (Interviewer: Like that) Yes, exactly like that...And I would just laugh at her. Because one uses sunglasses to shade the classless.

If all the seats are taken, then just lay your burdens down.

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ALSO: Side note...

I think we should rework our DIVA Rpg a little... I think it would/could work better if we had actual events, and added more people to talk about.

just an idea

also...I found this today

March 9th 2012

Loading Video...

It's the new Noisettes song....DEATH by WINNER

Also... Here's Adele recognizing the Goddess Shoniwa

Look in the information


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@Slight: Heeeey boi hey! Long time, no T. I'm all caught up on my Drag Race tho. Latrice shut the library DOWN! I really dislike Phi Phi......Glad Jiggly went home, but may I just say both her AND Willam's lipsync were awful! ....Sh!t is going down on Ringer too! I'm really getting into it now. .........As far as our little RPG goes, I'm open to any suggestions.....(I'm kinda surprised it's gone on as long as it has tbh.) lol

Interviewer: Good evening, lil Miss Sunshine. I see you've got your ray-bans on. Feeling hella cool tonight?

Slayhanna: . Of course, darling. I am Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Wouldn't you feel di same if you had dat name?

Interviewer: Excellent point. lol .....However, there's a certain Brit booger who insists on continuing her tirade of hateration for you. She accuses you of being mad and threatened by her game and insinuates that she is levels above you. Your response?

Slayhanna: *takes shades off*

.........Five "G"s plz. (Good Gawd Getta Grip Gurl)

Interviewer: Go on...

Slayhanna: TBH, I'm done w/ this poor "gal". I've tried to get her help....give her advice, let her stand under by umbrella. She's blind, deaf, and dumb to it all. I guess she couldn't handle the shade of it all and sadly.......may never see the light again.

Interviewer: So she's a hopeless case?

Slayhanna: Yes...and let's be honest, a very disturbed rude boy at that. This hoe got me sayin "SOS" plz! Someone help me...get this bitch off my coattails. The heffer is weighing me down. It's not healthy.

Interviewer: Speaking of Adele, would you say she's using big names like her and yourself to stay relevant?

Slayhanna: Well, it's pretty obvious. It's all she can do really....to try and level up to someone like me. ......but we know she enjoys being a carpet muncher so....

Interviewer: Mhmm....who could forget the infamous 09 "incident"...*shakes head* Not even GLAAD could defend her once the shocking video receipts of her "pearl diving" for your precious Bajan beaver were released...

Slayhanna: We'll never be "scissor sisters", but I've moved on w/ my life and I hope Summer can do the same.

Interviewer: Wait...who is Summer?

Slayhanna: That's just what we call her now........She's just like summer, no class.

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BTW Noisyz song is cute.

Here's some Sh!t Beyonce says...

Loading Video...

There tons more "sh!t _____ says" out there too. (yes, even a Rihanna one X)...but I won't.....just

aaand here's Damiana interviewing Madge! :P

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Shady Shoniwa: Oh Robert, You commin for me gurl? We shall have poultry tonight.

-Interviewer- Is that your response to Rhianna's last words.

SShoniwa: Robert can say whatever he wants. It's really of no consequence to me, I know what, who, where, why I am, and I don't think, she has a clue of any of those thing, or anything else. I'll tell you what. This is just a stop gap for me...All this drama really is making me loose diva points, and I don't loose, so that's that...FOR now, We'll call a truce, just because she can't think of anything else to say.

Interviewer- So no comebacks, no reading...NO SHADE.

SShoniwa: Look b!tch...WTF did I just say...Anyway, I've got go get to my photo shoot... Because not only am I a singer, I'm a model, and an actress... Can we say the same for others? I don't think so...And no being in a movie, doesn't make you an actress, it makes you someone recorded on camera. Thank you and goodbye...

BEYONCE: I don't know who the hell this Shingles chick is, but If she thinks she can say things like that and get away with it, while I'm still here, on my THROWN then she's got another thing comin. (dials phone)

ring ring ring ring

SShoniwa: (mumbles from the other end) What...Who is this playing on my phone? Beyonce...? Why are you calling me...Is that Blu in the background crying...Listen, why don't you go and take care of her and call me when she's sleep. Oh...That Jay...My bad...Anyway..(Mumbles)...No I wasn't speaking of anyone in particular, but since you took it personally, I guess I meant if for you. Oh, you want receipts? Okay.

Loading Video...

Do I need to continue? (Phone hangs up)

COMING UP: ALL DIVA'S You are all invited to Beyonce's first photoshoot with Blu, Jay.

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Boogie. Boogie :-)

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First off, let me just say, Sharon Needles destroyed Phi Phi in that lyp sync...SLAYED her to DUST

also, what did Willam do that was "in violation"???

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Loading Video...

The perfect way to say screw you to her ex hubby! :)

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Sh!tty Hoes Attack Denmark Emissary ? 
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@King Saturn:

@Slight: IKR. Just when I was starting to really like Willam, they disqualify her? Dafuq?! Supposedly they're not even gonna spill the T about what went down till the reunion. The whole time I was like ...if we're going to knock Willam off we need to snatch Raja's crown back while we're at it.....cuz let's be real, last season was soo rigged! It would only be "fair" right, Ru? ...On the plus side we got Willam covering Wilson Phillips and bitches eating chicken. What's not to love?

Loading Video...

Also, those Kazakay guys are in Madonna's new video! weeeerk XD

Loading Video...

I must confess, I do love me some Madonna from time to time. ...Something about her new song "Gang Bang" (yes, gang bang) makes me wanna do a few lines of booger sugar and dance up a big gay storm in da clurb!....maybe that's just the mo in me talking. LOL

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Bey, Mama Tina, and Blue arrive at the studio and prepare for the photoshoot. They begin getting painted in the dressing room...

. Beyonce: ...but Mama, this Shingles dude tried to come for me. I AM BE-YON-CE. I was in the iconic Oscar nominated film Dreamgirls!!!

Tina: Oh hush up chile... *glues edges of Bey's wig down* I'm sure she'll be working for us soon enough....we could use another nanny for Blue. Lawd knows that Hilson girl we hired lied on her resume. That reminds me, you need to tell her ass to go to the left, b/c the bish can't do anything right!

Beyonce: Hilso.....oh you mean Keri.......but if we disown Keri, who will hire her? She already got fired from Wal-Mart and Bugrer King for turnin tricks in the parking lot w/ that Cici chick. Oh well, maybe being a two dollar hoe is her destiny....and if that's the case...destiny fulfilled!


Beyonce: Kelly! You made it!

Kelly: Anything for you, gworl! You ma sista! I love you Bey......So um, Solange and Michelle are still...

Beyonce: Ugh! Kelendria, Imma just stop you right there. Those bitches already know if they can't keep up w/ their chores, they don't get to come to the photoshoot. Don't forget y'all work for ME. Y'all don work that 9 to 5, I ain't gonna cut that check. You go on and be their motivation, Kel. Right now I needs to pour this jelly into my freakum dress and get mah face beat down harder than a cunty named Rihanna! Lil baby Blue sho did a number on my body-ody-ody.......that bitch.

*Blue cries in the background*

Kelly: When Jay getting here?

Beyonce: Gurrl, he still out w/ squirrel-friend Kanye shoppin for Louis Vuitton bags. Hova's a great father tho. Blue is so in love w/ her daddy...

*suddenly a herd of shady bitchs enter the room* (including Blu Cantrell, Amil, Foxy Brown, and other randoms....aka Jay's underpaid baby mama brigade ...and/or alleged side pieces)

Blu Cantrell: I'm here! Did someone say my name? Where my boo Jay at???..........

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I still say Sharon is the strongest competitor other than Hippo Royale, I can't see her falling in any challenges, needless to say there would be an earthquake of devastation..I never liked Will, simply because he was like a robot...ALTHOUGH I do LOVE this movie he was in called Ticked Off Tranies or something to the likeness, I bet he was taking weightloss pills or something like that...

I can't bring myself to watch Madonna anything...She's just an old shady goat who's still trying to get her passage on the bridge back to relevancy.


Shingai pulls up in her rag top Rolls Royce, and immediately bumps into Katy Perry...

Katy: Oh, sorry...She begins to dig in her purse, and pulls out her keys, handing them to Shingai.

Shingai: Cocking her head to the side, her mouth agape just a little... What are these for

Katy: You are the Valet aren't you...Beyonce must have known there would be a lot of uninvited guests trying to get their faces in that door...

S.Shoniwa: Oh b!tch! Do I look like the help...

Katy: Shakes head

S.Shoniwa: You can park your car, and yourself in hell. She walks inside to see a lot of faces that she's never seen before. Some lady named Blu Cantrell was yelling and screaming about how Beyonce stole her name for her baby...

Going to sit down on one of the many couches, she's tapped on the shoulder, turning to see that it was Rhianna.

Rhianna: Me got a question for ye...Why are you here...This was for diva's only.

Shingai: First off, don't touch me, your hands are sticky. Second of all, I'm really not the one you should be asking that question to. Nikki Minaj just walked in, and there's a whole section designated for random people...Let's see there is Monica, there's Keisha Cole...

Beyonce: Oh there she is...The woman that tried to come for me without a credential to her name. You wanna talk about my acting ability, but you've never even been nominated for an award...

Rhianna: Oh Snap...Rhianna runs to meet Katy Perry at the door.

The room falls silent, except for the unwanted guests trying to outsing each other in the corner of the room...

Shingai: She inhales... Beyonce, how many times do I have to tell you...Who the hell is your competition? Hmm, Rhianna, Katy? Is Sticky Minaj your competion? Stop acting like you've achieved so much when your only obsticle was those triflin heffa's. And like I said before...Just because you're on camera doesn't mean your an actress.

Just then everything stops... Too of the most side eyed divas walked in...Patti and Aretha...

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I Love this woman
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Not what I was expecting......but ok

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: I bet you thought it was the DC team???

anyway... some things...I had been waiting for that look of Sharon's for one thousand chinese new years... I'm so happy that she won that challenge... Obese Royale lypsync'd the house down on Dita...But Phi Phi should have been the one that went home...It's just that simple, and I HOPE TO GOD that it's not Kenya that comes back... I hated that little bitty troll...Giving the same face in every runway...She could all kinds of seats