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Seriously...Bioengineers at Harvard have made the first ever cyborg tissue. It is essentially made out of neurons, heart cells, muscle, and blood vessels interwoven by nanowires and transistors that monitor bioelectric impulses. Using this technology, in the very soon future, researchers think control of cellular behavior is possible through just slight changes. This tissue is an actual working hybrid of living cells and electric components. The living components, being from rat test subjects. The leader of the group: Charles Leiber described it, saying that; "It allows one to effectively blur the boundary between electronic, inorganic systems and organic, biological ones,". Although these first tissues are limited in function, they are going to open huge gateways in medical science, nano-technology, and engineering. This is great news for the medical field especially. Think about robot organs being used to replace failing ones for someone who might die otherwise, or prosthetic that allow someone without limbs to get the chance to actually fully control a prosthetic arm or leg of robot tissue, or disease fighting nanorobots in the body. The future really has begun.

This is a HUGE achievement for mankind IMO. Should be all over the news tomorrow.

Cue the Terminator references...

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My mind immediately flashes to all the possible apocalyptic future scenarios that could result from this, just as the internet has trained me to do.

Seriously though, this is pretty amazing.

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Seriously, though. That's pretty cool.

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Something inside of me worries, but I'm feeling more impressed and excited to let it get the best of me.

Besides, the potential is extraordinarily beneficial

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Terminators !

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Oh my...

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Impressive. Good news for my brother who has a heart disease :)

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This is so awesome O_O

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@JediXMan: Get your fedora, JXM. We are going cyborg hunting.

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I'm impressed, yet a bit taken back. I'm not sure I like the idea, but as a comic geek I can't help but be excited.

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They have invented a what now?

Seriously though, this is an awesome advancement in technology.

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Hmm, reminds me of Will Smith's upgrades in I Robot.

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Oh geez, what's next... civil rights for cyborgs? We should put an end to this now.

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let's call John Connor LOL!

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Finally my dream has come true bbq robot meat nomnomnom...

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This is totally cool. Only a matter of time before scientists get tempted to start spit-shining organs with that stuff I bet...

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So cyborg ninjas will become a reality...

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@Imagine_Man15 said:

My mind immediately flashes to all the possible apocalyptic future scenarios that could result from this, just as the internet has trained me to do.


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Dang, it's pretty cool being in the future.

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YES, YES ,YES!!!!!More realistic Robots!

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1st reaction:

Oh no the world's going to end in an apocalypse.

2nd reaction:

Ahhhhh! Devil's work!!!!!!!!

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@jobiwankenobi said:

1st reaction:

Oh no the world's going to end in an apocalypse.

2nd reaction:

Ahhhhh! Devil's work!!!!!!!!

There was an article about a worker in London (I think) who got killed by a machine (I think it was some sort of arm),and guess what the first reaction to THAT was.

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I freaking love science,just hate how some people try to use it...my science teacher said science is like fire,it can benefit and harm mankind.Depends on how you use it,and i agree....although some people say this is playing god,they're just fanatics,no offense..i believe in god,and this is just epic,science never fails to amaze me,just awesome.Hope people just see it accurately and not how other people see it (not as a personal tool to something irrelevant,it's science,it's cool),see it for how it accurately is,and yes i mean awesome!

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Let's play God.
I better prepare for Skynet..
/Sarcasm XD

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This is why Science is EPIC.

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@nishi99 said:

This is why Science is EPIC.

Upwards and onwards. Incredible news -- kudos to those who worked so hard to reach this achievement. It's truly great to be alive.

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Now get to work on that immortality serum.

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Os no more of this.

Great, plus all the other applications.

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Robot sex slave?

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Now get to work on that immortality serum.


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immortality maybe closer than we think...
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Where can i get my hands on one of these.... fleshy robots.

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I wonder if in the future they can engineer our own muscle with this " Cyborg tissue " to make someone superhuman.

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That's amazing. Their also successfully cloning organs now

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Super strength here we come

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@LordMaverick: This

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pretty neat. I now wait for the religious community to declare this blasphemy and claim in every way how wrong this is and those behind it are godless sinners. I will then laugh in their faces

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This'll mean a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people, but as for me, I'm on the fence on whether or not I should think this is one of the coolest things ever or if these guys are getting ahead of themselves...

I might just be acting paranoid, but I don't think that's entirely wrong of me...

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Oh my gosh that is really really cool!!