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its all about the supernatural and stuff tell scary storys, facts, things that have, happened to you and all that btw

Your Never Alone In My House


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When i was 12, a ghost smacked my face for no reason.

When i was 14, i saw one of my deceased cousin walking alone in a road(i was in the school bus).

When i was 18, i made a pact with god, but i didnt honor my part of the deal. So i've got many troubles and sufferings since.One day(i was 19 at the time) God talked to me and said in a voice i cant describe with human words :" I love you NO MORE TheThe!Everything i dont love dies or fades away into obscurity, like ashes.After earing that, i lost consciousness for one or 2 hours. Things have never been the same again in my life since.

Last week i saw horrific forms in the darkness in my bathroom. The darkness in coins was moving, reshaping its form and taking the shapes of strange fruits and monsters. I casted a spell and it stopped.

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Not another one of these threads.

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@mrdecepticonleader said:

Not another one of these threads.

Ugh seconded.