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  We talked about it the other day, but 2010 "anime" renditions of Wolverine and Iron Man are coming. Now, despite not being at the panel, you get to revel in the first trailers for both. However, it is important to note that the animation was specifically stated as "test" animation, and may not reflect the final plot or designs. In my opinion, that's a fancy way of saying "we wanted to make it this way, but are totally willing to change it if viewers hate it"

We've been discussing it a little on the Anime mother land, and I hope you all enjoy it as well.
  On the shows themselves: They stated at the panel that the writing behind the Wolverine story is supposed to be a loosely based on a classic arc, presumably one of the stories of Logan's past in Japan. Iron Man, however, is supposed to deal with the tension of arms development between Japan and the USA, an interesting subject for japan post WWII.
(thanks DanHimself!)
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the ironman anime looks cool but the logan one looks completely retarded and nothing him
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I like the Iron Man anime... looks pretty awesome
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