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Well folks due to the success I had with my Link respect thread, which can be found http://www.comicvine.com/forums/off-topic-5/link-loz-respect-thread-1508537/#17 there, if new people want to see it.

I have decided to go ahead and make one for Samus from Metroid. she isn't my fav Nintendo char but I like her enough to make a respect thread for her. Plus to also(like I did with Link) to help alleviate some game mechanics for when she gets put into battle threads.

So then folks, let us begin!


Metroid Vol 1 & 2

Here it shows Samus being fused with Chozo DNA, then later a showing her physical enhancements.

Here Samus saves a Chozo from alien butterflies with space pirate weaponry(yes...butterflies with guns), before then disarming the butterflies accurately without hurting them. The last scans shows her easily trashing through a robot with her fist.

Here Samus takes on a group of enemies, surviving an explosion too with her suit.

Here Samus takes a beatdown from Ridley without her suit(after the 1st two panels), some good durability.

Here Samus takes out flying enemies while she herself is on a ship that is having trouble with the atmosphere, so she switches to manual aiming to take them out(you can see the explosions in the background).

Here Samus takes out a group of guards, before then obliterating a space pirate with her arm cannon.

Here Samus fights a beast on Zebes, withstanding the attacks before destroying it with her cannon.

Here Samus fights against Kraid who is able to withstand her cannon, she then survives a crushing blow from his large foot and then using a bomb to blow him up before finishing him off.

Here Samus fights against Ridley, withstanding his attacks while also showing off her various cannon weaponry and then defeating him.


Samus and Joey Vol 1

Here Samus takes out a large group of enemies and then catches a shot right point blank at a boy(Joey) saving him.

Here Samus fights against Doruba who withstands her cannon shots, she then avoids a wide area blast before blowing him away with a super missile from her cannon.

Just a showing of her suit's thrusters.

Here she fights a Megaroid who absorbed her normal cannon attacks, so she uses a combination of her ice beam and super missile against it. The Megaroid did survive, it didn't explode from the missile just separated into little eggs. So it's more of a feat showing that Samus can use a combination attacks with her weaponry.

Here is a showing of Samus' power bombs.

Just showing some H2H ability within the suit.

Here Samus survives a gravity bomb by using her morph ball ability.

Samus and Joey Vol 2

Here Samus fights off some giants, utilizing her speed, cannon and morph ball.

Here Samus takes out a large group of enemies, also showing of power bombs again.

A morph ball showing, ripping through some enemies with it too.

Here is Samus showing off her X-ray visor using it to see through illusions and finding the real enemy.


Metroid Prime

Here Samus takes on a group of 100 enemies, utlitzing her morph ball ability, arm cannon and even using one of the enemies weapons against them, all the while not getting hit.

Here Samus instead of catching the hostages or shoving them aside, launches herself off of one to avoid the blade of the enemy and blasting him from behind.

Here Samus fights against a large group of bug like enemies.

Here Samus fights against a creature that withstands her cannon blasts and missiles, she takes hits from the creature before switching to full power on her cannon and blowing the creature away.

Here Samus fights against some possessed guys, simple enough.

So you know that thing Samus fought and blew away before seemingly? Well turns out it survived, so she fights against it again withstanding the attacks and this time really destroying it.

So this huge creature comes, Samus comes in and smashes down upon and it kills the thing...simple.


Well folks there you have it, Samus' respect thread!

Now here is hoping that there won't be that many "Oh...well that's just game mechanics!" comments used for Link and Samus at least.

Not saying this will stop those comments, but hoping it reduces them.

So folks enjoy Samus' and Link's respect threads, I had fun making them and it wasn't easy to get all the scans right sometimes believe me.

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Definitely reading some of this later. Already skimmed through some of the scans. Pretty impressive!

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Thanks for the scans, Wolfrazer! Good stuff. :)

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She's cool

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@omnicrono: Yep, yep, check out the Link one too if ya haven't already, it's nice.

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Bumping to see if anyone else has any thoughts on this or the other respect thread of the two. I would do a Mario one, to complete the Nintendo Trinity...but Mario's manga is rather...odd.

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Nice work again :)

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Wow, great work posting all those scans! I came in here expecting a list of feats from the videos games, but this was a good surprise :D

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@mrdecepticonleader: Thanks!

@alak: Yep! Also did the same for the Link one, if ya haven't checked that one out, that has some good stuff too.

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Great stuff.

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@wolfrazer: Very nice, never knew Samus had a Manga.

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Does anyone think a Metroid movie should be made?