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Have you ever been driving or just in a car? And another driver did something so idiotic or so dangerous that you felt the need to rage out? Tell me about your favorite ROAD RAGE moments!!

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I was in car with my dad once and someone drove a red light, then all of a sudden stopped. My dad got outta the car... calmly, tapped on the guys window.... then said words that will never be said. I was the only one that could tell he was pissed.

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Yeah, I've had it.

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My dad's a biker and he gets massive road rage. It's hilarious XD

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My wife has it bad. She can go from sweet and happy to full on Hulk out with minimal warning

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I curse sometimes, but I never lose it like some people do. One friend of mine would start screaming at people and flipping everyone off.... I don't get in his car anymore.

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Nope, I'm to nervous that I'll crash o-o

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hell yeah... 
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Oh yeah and its fun.

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I;'ve had it but I've seen more people get angry at me than me being angry at them... Hmmm... Kinda makes me think about my attitude on the road cause I piss people off... Nyahahahaha!

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My mom has it. It was shocking at first when she got to drive but we got used to it.

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No, but other drivers often get angry at me because I basically drive like an old man. lol

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I havent had it yet, but then I am a new driver.

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Ofcoarse. Ah am always a' yellin' and a cussin'

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Every time I get in the car. I'm like that old Disney cartoon w/ Goofy where it's a Jekyll & Hyde thing every time he gets behind the wheel! LOL!

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Speaking of which:

They should rename this movie "Road Troll"

Awesome movie: 10/10