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I am reading the DC Event Rise of the Third Army and i find it lacking. Don't get me wrong am enjoying Simon Baz and though i am a huge Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner fan i don;t mind their apparent ends, (trying not to spoil anything). I always prefer darker Guardians of the Universe and this story arc has them the darkest. All this being sad it just seems to be lacking something. Can anyone tell me what it is...?

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Well it doesnt feel like an event to me. I'm only reading GL at the moment, but they have'nt really referenced anything or even met up, not really epic so far

BTW I think this belongs in the Green lantern forum

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The only reason I'm interested in this story arc is because of Simon Baz and I'm kinda interested in who the First Lantern is

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Now that you mention it your right...There is no real character cross over, as it relates to Rise. And a about your BTW i tried but computer freaked out and it went into this forum by mistake

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  1. Agreed, I hope it gets more exciting later on
  2. Okay, I get it now. Still kinda odd lol
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I keep forgetting that this event exists.

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I agree. And i think that it's because there isn't exactly a connection across the issues, and lack of a centralized villain. There isn't one leader of the Third Army, if there was it would defeat the Third Armies' purpose. The Guardians as villains work, but it's an entity. Star Wars wouldn't be as thrilling if there wasn't a Darth vader.

Blackest Night had Black Hand, Scar and Nekron

Sinestro Corp War has Sinestro and the Anti-Monitor and Superboy Prime

War of the Green Lanterns had Krona

Rise of the Third Army has... The Guardians adn the the Third aRmy.