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I am kind of surprised a thread like this hasn't been created yet.

I doubt few people escaped any level of education without being "forced" to read one of his books. They are basically stories about Americana with an sci-fi twist. He is best known for Fahrenheit 451 and the Martian Chronicles. I enjoyed The Martian Chronicles more because as it still resonates with me today and kind of makes me sad and hopeful at the same time. But I also loved the Fahrenheit 451 because it suggests that the greatest stories will live on in our minds and can be reproduced even after all the physical books are destroyed.

The guy has written more than 200 short stories. He lived and breathed writing. I'd love to be able to put all my ideas and thoughts on to some sort of "paper" like that.

Because of him, I took my first steps into becoming a "geek." I learned that fantasy writing is full of wonderful possibilities. Which also led me to being more open the idea reading about these imaginary worlds in the form of comics.

Thanks and R.I.P. Mr. Bradbury.

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I read Fahrenheit 451 for my English class this year


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I've read a few of Bradbury's stories, among my favorites are "There Will Come Soft Rains" and "The Veldt". 

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God rest his soul. A truly remarkable man who has shaped the world more than I think he might've known.

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