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For all those who have served and never meade it home. We remember your sacrifice.

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I have lost two friends over there this means alot to me and them , Will always have you guys in my heart Thank you.


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Sorry to hear of your losses man. My cousin is heading back soon as an infintry man. I have lost a friend too, and my grandfather died a few years back. He was a WWII vet. I miss 'em both and wanted to show my respects today.

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One of my high school buddies was the pilot of the first Black Hawk helicopter that went down in Iraq. He was an awesome guy who left behind a wife and two beautiful children. He is missed everyday, and we remember his sacrifice.

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War, justified or not, never did anything good. And even those who returned are injured for life. I had two grandfathers who fought in WWII and they suffered from what they had seen.