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With films like The Avengers and the Dark Knight trilogy we're living in a bit of a golden age for comic book films. However it's important not to forget the bad times. Hell, even as recently as a decade ago superhero films pretty much sucked, bad plots, worse dialogue and a reliance on special effects in place of actual acting meant that these films were gimmicky and lifeless and an insult to the source material. Worse yet it's almost like they really don't give a damn about the part and you're left with a film in which you're left uncomfortably aware that they're just a bunch of actors milling about in superhero costumes.

Here’s a list of some of the big screen disasters that made my ‘worst of’ list.

So, which films do you think are the worst offenders?

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Oh NO! Not the rock!!! It's my only weakness... Oh wait I meant Kryptonite. Carry on.

Superman was the first big film franchise to try and take a comic book character halfway seriously, which is why Superman IV is doubly bad in my opinion. Not only did it suffer from terrible writing, a slashed budget and some of the hammiest, preachiest dialogue of almost any superhero film ever, it also let down the series (well, Superman III sort of did that but really, this is much worse).

This film goes a little over the top with it’s anti nuclear proliferation message, which was a big deal at the time, but still handled atrociously. It even features a Superman clone (who looks nothing like Superman) called Nuclear Man. This is basically the film that killed the franchise for 20 years. Even Doomsday couldn’t keep him dead for that long!


Supergirl seen tending her lazy plot device back to health.

Supergirl is genuinely terrible. So bad in fact that Christopher Reeve declined a cameo because of the bad writing. So what makes this film worse than Superman III & IV combined? It takes the usual stance that most of the really bad female superhero films adopt. They make it all about a man.

While Superman is trying to stop world domination at the hands of baldilocks, Supergirl is left fighting to gain control over a magical space doodad, with a suitably ridiculous name, against a witch over the affections of some random groundskeeper.

What is it about female superhero films that mean that it’s about playing dress-up and having nonsensical catfights when their male counterparts get to actually do stuff that matters?


This is about as good as this film gets... Depressing isn't it.

Catwoman is another big offender on the list of awful superhero films and an uncomfortably recent one too. While even at his worst Batman got to fight against people who would destroy entire cities Catwoman in this film is left dressed in the skimpiest outfit for the character to date, against a cosmetics company.

So that’s her and every other women who’ve still got crows-feet after the anti ageing miracle cream turned out to be rubbish.

It’s a film with a dumb plot, a betrayal of a great character and it relies way too much on you caring how hot Halle Berry is.

Batman & Robin

If you thought the main villains were Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze you were wrong. The one trying his hardest to kill Batman off here is Joel Schumacher!

Featuring the notorious nipple-suits, dialogue worse than anything out of an Adam West era Batman show and some of the worst casting ever, Batman & Robin will be reviled for a long time to come. Everything from the ridiculous re-envisioning of bane to having Arnie spouting awful one-liners was just wrong. It’s not just a bad Batman film, it’s a bad film in it’s own right.

Spider-Man 3

Oh God! What is this stuff? It's getting all over my career!

It had a great cast, a great director and the success of it’s two predecessors behind it… so why was this Spider-Man film so damn awful?

Well, for a start there were too many villains, it spread the story really thin. Then there was the ridiculous symbiote Peter Parker montage, in a good film this would be welcome comic relief in a bad one it just ups the campiness to an unbearable level. When story ends up thin there’s comes an over reliance on special effects to bulk everything out. There was more random CGI in Spider-Man 3 than in the previous films, it was padding out the action to make up screen time for the weak story and after a while it stops being a spectacle and becomes a chore to watch. We get it, you really worked hard on Sand-Man’s particle effects, can you show us some more story now?

ok, this clip has been edited a little, but it works with the music...

Fantastic Four, (Both Of Them)

It's sort of like the Brady Bunch but with superpowers.

It’s not to say that they didn’t try but it came out a lot campier than intended, with dodgy dialogue clichéd character arcs and a terrible, terrible Doctor Doom. This film also suffers from having too many characters, or rather a director and writing team that can’t handle a project with that much going on. Remember it too the 2012 Avengers film to successfully have a big screen superhero ensemble.

The Rise of the Silver Surfer, compounds the problem with even more going on in the background and an even goofier story, not only do you have an unconvincing Doctor Doom inexplicably returning but the Silver Surfer (who is far too overpowered for this film) and Galacticus, who for some reason is portrayed as space-weather who can only eat planets if they have holes in them (he’s a fussy eater apparently).


Hah! You missed, I'm still alive, you only killed the fun in this film!

Daredevil is a tragic and flawed hero, one that could have been great. Unfortunately he was played by Ben Afleck, who rather expertly managed to play Ben Afleck being uncomfortable in a costume rather than Daredevil, Matt Murdock. The film suffered more from it’s bad casting than anything else, with better acting it could have been halfway salvageable, Michael Clarke Duncan as Fisk for instance was one of the best thing in the film… ok it was the only good thing in the film. This was a film that needed to be darker and more serious to really work, the general tone of the film is a bit of a let down and the plot is tired and utterly predictable. Worse though is that it spawned the spinoff Elektra film.

The closest thing to an interesting scene in the film.

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well, they have gotten better!

the last Batman trilogy has been excellent, Avengers was pretty good, and Iron Man has also been good.

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You had to remind me.

"Be water my friend"

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I liked Fantastic 4 and F42.

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I liked Daredevil a lot, both F4 movies, and while they weren't amazing both Spiderman 3 and Batman and Robin were okay.

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some criticism....... realize it wasn't solely Joel Schumacher behind these films....the movie studios wanted them to be less dark  so that they could get more children in the audience and sell more toys........the movies never claimed to be serious and awesome...they are blatantly campy and silly. Schumacher even acknowledges how stupid these movies are. Everyone is probably afraid to admit they probably liked this movie when they were 8
2. Superman 4 also was awesome when we were kids, the fight scene between Nuclear Man and Superman is still the most action Superman has seen on the big screen until likely next year. As long as you had enjoyment out of it who cares?? Stuff like GI Joe and He-Man were dumb as hell in retrospect, but I thought they were great at some point
3. Venom is constantly panned in Spider-Man 3 but people fail to realize that Raimi didn't even want him in was the fans, yes, fans ruined Spider-Man 3 the studios tried to give the fans what they wanted...and made Raimi shoehorn Venom and the black suit into an already crowded story
4. Wait so........Ben Affleck gave a terrible performance and Micheal Clarke Duncan was good?? i am not defending any aspect of the movie but Micheal Clarke Duncan just played himself in a suit

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@cattlebattle: ok, but I suppose I should clear up a few of those points

1. Joel Schumacher did have a fair amount of pressure to make them light-hearted and campy. The difference is that Joel Caved and Tim Burton did what he usually does, which is his own damn thing.

2. Superman 4 was really that bad, I'm not even talking about how films from the time seem, I'm saying compared to all the other Superman films this was genuine dreck.

3. I thought the problem wasn't with one single character, and I don't really blame Sam Raimi. By now everyone knows how hard he had to fight to try and prevent that mess of a film.

4. Ben Afleck is not anything like Daredevil, so seeing him fail to even attempt to act like the character is painful. Micheal Clarke Duncan is big, intimidating and a damn sight smarter than he looks, which pretty much made him perfectly cast for Fisk who is all of those things.

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Thankfully, Marvel studios has been slowly raising the bar higher and higher ever since they started making their own films.

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@Xanni15 said:

I liked Daredevil a lot, both F4 movies, and while they weren't amazing both Spiderman 3 and Batman and Robin were okay.

"Be water my friend"

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Are we acting like TDKR was a cinematic masterpiece? lol

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I'll approve of the treatment of each of these movies. Bravo, OP.

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The only good thing about the Fantastic Four films were the Invisible Woman's costume

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i didn't mind FF as much, as long as it is not taken too seriously, FF2 was not so good except for the chase of Torch and SS.  

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@RazzaTazz said:

i didn't mind FF as much, as long as it is not taken too seriously, FF2 was not so good
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@Xanni15 said:


Are we acting like TDKR was a cinematic masterpiece? lol

Far better than anything on this list.

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Daredevil is the least bad of this list. Its comes of as just okay in my rating. In fact I am surprised why Elektra isn't in this list instead.

I loved the FF as teenager but I realized they failed to do superhero basics: they never fight crime. To be fair Galactus has no true form and the giant purple armored man we see is just our mind sees him.

I haven't seen Supergirl yet and don't certainly intend to.

At least I can take a laugh out of Batman & Robin of how bad it was.

Catwoman is a classic case of how to get a character completely wrong. Well Hally Berry learned a little humility and accepted her Razzie XD.

Now I was really mad at Spider-Man 3. It may not be the worst for some people compared to what is here, but its the one that most pissed me off. I hated it even before having taste in movies.

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@SpideyPresence said:

@Xanni15 said:


Are we acting like TDKR was a cinematic masterpiece? lol

Far better than anything on this list.

If you say so, though if you're wearing Bane's mask it'll just sound like garble.

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I like Daredevil. -_-

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We have Batman and Robin on VHS. My mom bought the French version instead (I'm Canadian). I can understand about half of it... the rest is hilarious.

If you thought the English dialogue was bad... well, at least you could understand the puns. And the lips synced up.

But one good thing about Batman and Robin... at least there WAS a Robin and a Batgirl.