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 Now that the dust has begun to settle after Barack Obama's comfortable(not to mention crushing) defeat of Republicans challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, I think it's time to ask where did the GOP go wrong in the first place?
Firstly, I think, it engaged in the most seductive flaw of a political party- it sought to substitute political purism for electability- whenever a party seeks to do that it is  on the royal road to the soart of defeat we saw on Election Day- don' take my word or even past elections in both the USA or UK( Goldwater vs LBJ, '64, the late George McGovern  and Richard Nixon in '72, Mondale and Dukakis vs Reagan and Bush pere in '84 and '88, Bush pere in '92- anybody remember "iIt's the economy, stupid!", our own Labour party in ''83, '87 and '91). the late Richard Nixon once privately observed that in order to be successful in American politics(esp Presidential races) you tack towards the Right during the primaries and then after the nomination and run up towards the election date, you move steadily towards the Centre- because to paraphrase the late bank robber Willie "The Actor" Sutton- that's where the votes are ultimately to be found in the greatest profusion. Nancy Reagan for her part privately snickered at the " extra-chromosome conservatives"- the "let's jump off the cliff with the flag flying types".  Romney's flaw to depend too much on his "base" and pretty much kiss off any demographic other then that.
Secondly, what did Romney/Ryan have to say to potentially disaffected Hispanics, women, African Americans, students and seniors: absolutely NOTHING(after all they're all part of the "47% of Americans who were dependent on the government" to cite his now infamous statement back in June ti a group of his supporters) !
Thirdly, it now seems likely that the GOP will lick its electoral wounds and then engage in furious debate as to its relevance in an American where by 2042, white people will be in decided minority( as FOX TV pundit Bill O'Reilly noted in a recent TV discussion). The "extra chromosome conservatives"( eerily reminiscent of Marxist ideologues) will most probably heatedly oppose any diminution of ideological zealotry but the Republicans (like Labour in the 1980s and 90s) should ask themselves whether they want to be electable or a sect of cranky old white men.
Anybody think as i do?