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A Texas couple found their beloved lost puppy on Reddit, but the man who claims to have rescued it won't give it back.

Crawford and Mary Clay Gupton said someone broke into the porch along the side of their Fort Worth, Texas, home and stole their 10-month-old Swiss mountain dog, Heidi,

A friend of the couple posted pictures of Heidi on the social network Reddit, promising a $2,000 reward.

A Redditor with the user name dogthedogsaver replied that he had Heidi, but he wouldn't be giving her back.

He claimed he found Heidi barred outside in the freezing cold at the height of an ice storm.

"I knocked on the door to see if anyone was home but no one answered. I called animal control and the humane society but no one was available because of the weather," he wrote.

The Guptons appeared on Fox4 to defend themselves, saying Heidi was "actually bred to live in Switzerland, and this dog can handle this kind of temperature."

"She has her Tempur Pedic mattress, she has her kennels in there, you know, with blankets and pillows," said Mary Clay.

But in subsequent post, dogthedogsaver alleged Heidi was outside for "close to seven hours," that she's "very thin and malnourished," and "she doesn't even recognize her own name, doesn't know how to play with toys, is covered in a film of filth and has a crap ton of fleas."

"You neglected the sh-- out of your dog. She's now with a family that will love her and give her the attention she deserves."

Is like Kramer vs Kramer but cooler.

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If the family had the dog micro chipped by law he has to give the dog back (or show proof of the dogs poor treatment) or he'll face criminal charges .

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Probably just a troll lying to the family, from the sounds of it.