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awww man that sucks

his collaboration with Metallica comes out this week

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@xwraith: it did? I hadn't even heard of it until a few days ago when Lou Brutus brought it up on the radio....I see I googled it the other day and saw October 31, and my mind just immediately went blank after that lol

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RIP, though I'm not too familiar with him and should probably have my pop culture card revoked because of that.

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A great talent lost.


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aww lou. he had a good run tho. 71. if i live to be 71 i'll be a happy man.

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Lou Reed you will be miss.......... Your death breaks my heart.

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Sad loss, R.I.P

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Real sad.

He did live a hard life though. Anyone know that when he was a teenager he was institutionalized and recieved shock therapy because he was bisexual? Yeah, not gay, but bisexual. Crazy how times have changed.

I loved Velvet Underground, and so did a lot of influential musicians, writers, Artists and poets who wouldn't be where they are today without Reed and Velvet Underground's influence.

RIP Lou Reed, and Thank you for everything you've given to music.