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My friend and I are about to try to learn linux together do you have any suggestions for beginners that have a little programming knowledge?

Second, do you ever check the PMs? I've sent like 5, no responses.

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LAMP is actually the resident Heavy Coder. I do mostly frontend work, which means design, css and smarty! I'll check over my PMs, likely they got lost from last week.

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Ok cool, same question about Linux to Red L.A.M.Pee. or anyone else that has a suggestion.

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What is that you want to learn on linux? What do you plan on doing with it?

Do you want to be a system administrator for linux? Do you want to know how to build/run a website using a linux box?

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Ruling the world with LINUX!!!!

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Just want to learn how to use it and get a feel for it, eventually make it our primary personal OS.

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A great place to start is to pop a live distro (knoppix, ubuntu live, etc). Most of the GUI stuff should be fairly intuitive. Learn the terminal. There are lots of places online where you can learn shell commands and stuff. Most Linux programmers do most of their work on the terminal. If you really like it try to install it. I started with a dual boot, moved slowly to more and more linux, then eventually destroyed my windows partition to have some more storage space.

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Cool thanks for the ideas

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who is your favorite superhero?

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