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This is just for fun.

Have you ever been with a friend or surrounded by friends or be part of an organization( fraternity or club ) who basically demands more of you while being in a relationship with another person? I mean to be needed by them 24/7 even for a minor situations they'll call on you for help or something.

Ex. You're in a date with your gal a bro called you on the phone and say's "Hey bro, were are you? Let's hung-out, etc.,.". You said "I'm busy, I'm on a date or about to get lucky etc,.". Then the bro says "Come on man, bro's before Ho's".

In a situation like that I like to ask.

To the dude's:

Bro's before Ho's or Chicks before di$%s?

To the gal's:

Gal's before di$%s or Dudes before skanks?

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Don't know if this has been done before.

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My friends aren't total douchebags.

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Depends how good the p*^%y is

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They all suck.

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@awesam: The scenario is they just don't care what you're doing.