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I have a $450,000 lying around doing nothing. I guess I'lll get me an island.

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Ever since Brason bought Necker Island owning an island has been my benchmark for success.

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Post Deleted.

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I don't need another island.

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I know have a coupon around here somewhere...

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Bad stuff happens on Islands 

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I think I might purchase one.

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Doesn't Johnny Depp have his own Private Island ? If he does, it would be cool to have an Island near his. We could play Pirates vs Monsters. 
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Islands are overrated, space hotels FTW!

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this thread is an oldy

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PowerHerc bumping old threads.

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its really nice to have private islands.. i don't mean to brag but one of my brother's in-laws has one in the Samal islands.. my family used to have a beach resort but we lost it when my dad was hospitalized.. ='(

if you asked me, the best island there is is Isola Bella in Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy.. it is currently owned by the House of Borromeo of the family of the Counts of Arona.. it also houses the majestic Pallazo Borromeo..