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Pick 5 Musicians you like and give them a super powers to make them your favorite super hero team!

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Till Lindemann ---Fire generation and control

Roy Khan -- Demonic possession/divine intervention

David Michael Bennett -- Bionic abilities/technopathy

Matt Belemy -- Cosmic powers and/or gravity manipulation

Tarja Turenen -- Shadow/darkness control

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Henry Rollins-Black Flag-With Colossus's power

Brody Dalle-The Distillers-with the Dazzler's power

Tom Gabel-Against Me!-Mystique's power

Yo-landi-Visser-Die Auntwoord-Spiral's power

James Brown-Sabastian Shaw's power

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Ozzy- Alucard powers

Kanye West -TOAA powers then maybe he his arrogance is deserved

Chris Brown- Ant man powers (lol get it?)

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Blind Willie McTell - Daredevil's power.

Glen Danzig ( Misfits, Samhain) - Wolverine's power.

Arto Lindsay (DNA) - Plastic man's power

Lydia Lunch ( Teenage Jesus and the jerks) - Moonstone's power

Alan Myers (DEVO) - Mister Sensitive's power.

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@thatguywithheadphones: Ha ha ha ha..... Watch out Chris Brown and Ant-Man Jokes will get you some hate.....

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Jun Seba - Healing Factor

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Miley Cyrus: Supersonic screams. No one really wants to listen to her.

Justin Bieber: Telepathy.Maybe he would stop if he knew what most people thought.

Lady Gaga: Shapeshifting. It would just make things easier for her.

Katy Perry: Illusion Casting. It just makes sense.

I realize this is all hateful and mean, but meh.