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You get 3 of these powers and then pick one of these options (PS I am VERY interested what you can do with the lower end powers):

A: Go to New York and try to replace Spidey by doing a better job (yes Doc Ock Spidey)

B: Go to the X-mansion and get one teammate (NOT WANDA). Then Battle Cyclops, Magneto, and Emma, and Kitty Pryde.

C: Join Magneto in taking on all the Justice League, one by by one. You have a month of prep in marvel Universe. Assuming your teammate survived they join you.

Power Options

Weight Manipulation: You can be light as a feather or as heavy as a ton. Obviously your durability increases with your weight. To an extent anyway.

Supervision: X-Ray and telescopic combined

Teleport: You can look at an item and switch places with it, assuming there is enough room to take it's place.

Oxygen Creation: You can create your own oxygen out your lungs and blow it out, creating thrust and or wind blasts. Depends on how much you weigh really.

Precise Body Control: You can move your body anyway you want that is humanly possible. You can even change your voice, and go to sleep anytime you want.

Universal Magnetism: You can make any metal magnetic and move it telekinetically. But only if you can see it. As soon as it leaves your field of view you lose control of it. Bullets for the most part are too fast to see.

Cloud Cover: You can cover the air around you in dense fog up to a mile distance.

Heat Immunity: Heat don't bother you at all.

Speed: You can run as fast as a car, and keep on accelerating at that speed. Reflexes stay the same.

Mechanopathy: You can make mechanisms or machines drive themselves just by looking at them. They have to be in you line of sight. Works with powered and non-powered machines.

Telepathic Immunity: Telepaths can't hurt your mind by using their powers.

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Weight manipulation, oxygen creation and speed.

Heavy as a ton, then use wind blasts. After stunning / knocking back the enemy you rush in at high speeds and K.O them.

I'm going to take the second situation and Iceman, as he basically solo's Team X-Men.