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Ok, is been a while since I have needed help in Photoshop but I got this problem it happened twice already and I manage to fix it the other two but for some reason I don't remember how to fix it now.. is probably cause I'm in a bad mood or because is been long since I use it...

anyway, when I open a picture normally I'm able to edit it and do what ever  I want with it but I got this problem that the hand tool gets stuck! and it don't let me use my other tools! on the pictures it don't let me do jack whit it.. this is the third time.. and first that I ask for help.. but can anyone tell me what to do before I start just cliking the first thing I see on the program? :P  <---- learn alone to work with it I'm not a pro..

hope I'm in the right thread..

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fix it I remember is the picture thingie lol :P