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Hey guys. My friend showed me this long post, and I feel like I just gotta share it:

why are parents so over-protective of their kids?
I am 28 year old guy with a 9 year old kid, and parents bitch about how I "neglect" my kid ever since I moved to a new neighbourhood.
I tell my son he can go wherever he wants as long as he has his cellphone and checks in once in a while, by sending a text. Most of the time he spends outside, across the street playing in the playground or playing soccer with some older kids, in the field behind the houses.
This incident happened 2 weeks ago:
>sunday morning
>let my son play outside
>30 mins later
>some fat bitch comes over to my front porch and rings the doorbell
>I answer
>"Hi, uh.. I was just wondering if you are aware that your son is across the street"
>"Uh.. yea, is there a problem?"
>"Oh no I was just assuming he went without your permission and you didn't know about it hehe"
>"oh, no it's all good. yea I let him go after breakfast, thanks though"
>"no problem, if you want I can watch him for you until you can come out"
>"nah thats okay, I am just working right now"
>"but what about your son"
>"what about him?"
>"you just let him go outside without supervision?"
>"yes, why woudn't I"
>"seems rather careless to me, what if something happens to him"
>"what do you mean?"
>"there is lots of messed up people out there if you know what I mean, someone could snatch him up"
>"highly unlikely, anyway I gotta get back to work"
>"I think you shouldn't let him do that it's dangerous"
>"thanks for your opinion, bye"
The moms kept dropping hints that I am neglectful, bad parent, not responsible etc. I just ignored them all until today.I let my son out to play with his friends like usual and went to work( work from home). 1 hour later I get a knock on the door.
>open the door, inb4 the dinosaur
>4 of the moms are there standing, one is holding my kid by the shoulder
>I ask what's going on
>they all start yelling at me about how I need to watch my kid and stop neglecting and shit
>tell them it's none of their fucking business how I raise my kid
>they start screaming at me
>my best friend who was staying over for few days heard the yelling and comes down to see whats going on
>tell my son to go inside the house
>he starts to walk towards the door, but fat bitch is holding him back by the shoulder
>"nobody is going anywhere until we sort this out"
>friend pulls phone, start recording
>tell him again to go inside my house
>bitch still won't let him
>we all start arguing while my friend is recording
>pull out the phone and call the police right in front of them
>tell the 911 operator someone is abducting my child
>they all start screaming at me
>tell me they'll report me for neglect and how it's 1 against 4 and I am gonna lose etc. etc.
> police arrives
>friend shows the video to the cops
>moms start freaking out and saying how I "photo-shopped that, its isn't real"
>all 4 of them get arrested
>have to go down to the police station in 2 hours with my lawyer

Messed up, right?

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This happened to your friend am I correct?

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Nobody is right in this situation.

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No, my friend just showed me this. Some guy just posted this on some forum or something.

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If the place is really, really safe then I don't think you're neglecting your child. But since your child is still 9 years old, you should still keep an eye on him/her. I'm not sure if there's an article for it.

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Well, if my child is 9 years old, i'd keep my eye on him/her as well.

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If the kids 9 years old, hes to little to be out on his own... I'd watch out for him or her as well... understandable, especially in todays crazy world.

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Well they did abduct his kid. But in my humble opinion that dude sounds like a shit parent.

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@lykopis said:

Uhm, I don't find anything wrong with letting a nine year old play by himself. If you instill in him/her some basic rules and the child demonstrates them consistently, then let them go. Sure there are crazies out there but people underestimate the abilities of children. Are there nine year olds that should be supervised at all times? Absolutely. Are there nine year olds who don't? Sure. It's a case by case situation and that appears to be one where the parents confidence in their child is evident. Most cities in Canada require a child to be 10 years old to be home alone/in charge of other children. So playing outside and cavorting with older kids hits that easily. Just my two shiny coppers on the subject.


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Well, where i live it's extremely crowded. And i'd think it would be too dangerous to let a child play outside without any supervision, since there are many stories about kids getting snatched. On a less crowded place i wouldnt have much trouble with it though, but i'd still regularly check up.

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@Swagger462 said:

Well they did abduct his kid. But in my humble opinion that dude sounds like a shit parent.

How is he a bad parent? At nine years old, I was outside playing sports with the kids in my neighbourhood constantly. Obviously I told my parents where I'd go and I'd never drift off too far but 9 years of age is old enough to be without constant supervision.

This article is ridiculous. Those women had no right to hold his own child from him and while they are allowed free speech, they outright committed abduction.

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@Deranged Midget: I already said they abducted his kid. I'm not sure why you bought that up. I would probably let my kid out in a safe neighbourhood at 9 as long as he stayed within the street but this guy seems to portray a certain level of apathy, like with texting every so often. At nine I was allowed to be out on the street with my friends but I had to drop back home every hour to make sure everything was okay. Without definite time frames to check in anything could happen to your kid and you wouldn't have any idea of when. If you're not gonna set up proper contact times but you let a young kid out and about I think that's bad parenting. But like I said, that's my opinion on the subject it's not like parenting is an objective thing.

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@Gambit1024: Oh I thought it was you, whoops.

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Well as long as you are in a good area and talked to your kid about not talking to strangers I would say its ok for him to go across the street (not much farther though) and only with friends. However the parents seem like assholes. Neighbors can be real assholes sometimes. One time a woman yelled at me because my dog went to the bathroom in my yard (but It was close to hers) and then I see her the next day disobeying rules and letting her dog into the community pool (where it ended up taking a shit),,, Thank God I moved away.

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at 9 years old I was running all through my neighborhood with all of the other 9 year olds....we all used to ride our bikes the 2 miles to and from Boy Scout meetings with no problems at all and this was before cell phones...parents need to give their kids some growing room....the women here were totally in the wrong..the guy was doing absolutely nothing wrong

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Well they did just prove their own point about there being "lots of messed up people out there".

Seems they were out to embarrass the guy in front of his kid too by not letting him stay out of the grown-ups' business.

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@Swagger462: I'm not saying you're opinion was wrong, I was merely curious as to why you think the man was a bad parent. To me, it seems that he might be slightly more lenient than the average parent and it definitely differs from my up-bringing but he definitely deserve to be attacked by those women.

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He is nine years old, has a cellphone, and was just across the street. There was nothing wrong with the guy letting his son play outside. When I was 9. I was out till the street lights came on.

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It all depends on the neighborhood and the child.... I have lived in some places where my kids are not allowed outside without me, and some where I would not mind if my kids go play outside. I just try to educate my child on the whole"never talk to strangers" and they check in every 30 minutes or so.

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If someone said I neglected my child they would have a black eye.

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@lykopis said:

Plus, these women have nothing else better to do than accuse a single parent of being irresponsible? Doesn't anyone else not see the sexism here? All these mothers ganging up on a father - assuming he's negligent? If anything, maybe they are desperate to feel superior and seeing a confident child able to comport himself while being raised by a male (with a full time job) highlights their shortcomings as parents. This story just won't leave me, lol - it's really getting under my skin.

This is my issue, particularly. These "caring" mothers really have nothing better to do, and what adds insult to injury is that they were practically abducting him right in front of his father. Saying stuff and talking trash is one thing, but when you physically restrain someone (in this case, a 9-year-old child) from entering their own home, that's when you're in the wrong. Whether or not you agree with the father is your own judgement, but saying that these mothers are in the right is insane.

@mfundo said:

@Gambit1024: Oh I thought it was you, whoops.

It's all good. I'm a bit too young to have a 9-year-old <.<

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@Gambit1024: So was that guy but I'm not judging. It's very in to have children at a young age these days :D

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What is the mother's problem? It's not as if the dad's letting his son go really far away or do dangerous stuff. They have no right to restrain someone eles's child and keep him from his dad. That's messed up.

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Stupid b*tches.

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Dude might be a tad bit irresponsible but those other chicks should mind their damned business.

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@Xanni15 said:

Nobody is right in this situation.

Roland is your avatar nice.

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@slacker the hacker:

Thankee, Sai

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@InnerVenom123 said:


Stupid b*tches.

I knew you'd get a kick out of this. I think the original post was on 4chan, lol

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Are they good kids he is playing with, but they overreacted and just think your to young to have a kid. When she said I could watch him just say yes.

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@Deranged Midget: Of course not. We only have one side of the story but from his side it seems like those women are the kind of people that join those insane groups like Mother Against Grand Theft Auto or Mothers Against Maddox. But yeah, like I said, letting kids out unattended isn't a problem but I think you need to make consistent check ins.

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Now I'm left with a story where I really want to know the aftermath and I probably never will........ Than you sooo much. :p

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Well, to be honest, neither of those people were correct.

The women have the worst part; they were hypocrites and actually abducted the child themselves, and while they can have free speech they don't have any right to:

1. Restrain other people's children.

2. Lament other people so lavishly (and pointlessly) over little matters.

The guy should have faked, and just said yes, okay/alright etc. instead of what he said.....

But that's not anything really bad. Those "mothers" really crossed the line. They just proved they have suck as parents.

@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

If someone said I neglected my child they would have a black eye.


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@Swagger462: Yeah, they sounded a little on the unstable side but it's true, parents should always check in on their children no matter where they are. Hell, I'm 20 and I still text my parents to let them know where I am.