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This is the final version of Claire that I have come up with, including her powers.

Powers-Can run 25 mph without tiring, jump ten ft high, flies 25 mph max; (can fly no faster) and lifts ten tons max. Universal magnetism that allows her to stick to any surface, even wearing shoes. Can shoot webbing out her wrists. Has an impenetrable cape that can deflect any solid object. The cape is also telekinetic, she can take it off and wrap up stuff with it, flying it at 25 mph max. She is invulnerable except when water soaks her suit long enough to drain her powers. She can auto dry her suit on a whim, but that also drains her powers. If her powers are totally drained she can get them back upon drying the suit, (she would have to do it manually as the suit won't auto dry when her powers are depleted) on the condition that she wears it. She has to wear the suit for some of her powers to activate. Her costume is indestructible, although water soaking it weakens her powers while wearing it.

Claire's new costume, no cape