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It doesn't really have to be something nerdy just not that common. I love old black and white movies specifically crime noir like the Maltese Falcon an Double Indemnity and horror b-movies like THEM! and The Blob.

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Sci Fi - My favorite books, shows, movies are all sci fi

Nature - Environmental Biology Major

History - Been watching the History channel since i was a small child. Before it got taken over by swamp people.

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Brunette Ladies, Wolves, Motorcycles, Fine Cigars, Baseball. Oh...and Lego Marvel Super Heroes for Nintendo Wii U!!!!!

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I have a guitar that I really wanna start learning to play


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  • Horror Movies.
  • Gaming.
  • Storms.
  • Marksmanship.
  • Masturbating.
  • History.
  • Space.
  • Cooking.

Think thats about it.

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Comics>Movies>Video Games (PC mostly LoL currently)>Books

That pretty muchs sums me up.

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I have a fascination with religion and anthropology, though it's something I don't often get to indulge.

I'm also really into dressmaking, cooking and making stuffed animals.

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Well I like

  • Fantasy and science-fiction books are always on my shelf
  • I love music but not just one genre but every type
  • I like to bake
  • I love mythology from various parts of the world (my personal favourites of Ancient Greek, Norse and Slavic)
  • And as of now I'm writing a novel. Because I want to be a writer
  • And I really love animals.
  • Oh and I'm a History and Classical Studies major.
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Animation is my forte other than comics whether it be CGI, Claymation, Flash, Traditional, or whatever its all good

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I'm in the process of becoming the greatest trainer Pokemon ever.

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I'm in the process of becoming the greatest trainer Pokemon ever.

*sigh* You'll never be better than Ash.

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@thitiki said:

@norrinboltagonprime21 said:

I'm in the process of becoming the greatest trainer Pokemon ever.

*sigh* You'll never be better than Ash.

Ash!?!?!?!?!?!?! What a joke!?!?!?!?

Red on the other hand is an amazing trainer. I'm trying to be better than him.

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  • Building model kits
  • Reading Lovecraft and other weird horror
  • Writing fanfiction

Can't think of anything else that might be considered niche - my other hobbies are more or less conventional.

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Writing :Comics, Prose, Articles, Reviews


Working out.

Hip-hop culture (All of it.)

Reading esoteric and metaphysical books

Reading speculative fiction books.

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I'm into; Baseball, Books (Sci-Fi & Adventure mostly), Movies, cooking considering that's my profession, and I can really get into some History.

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I like to listen to music and play bass & guitar. I really want to start a music project where I do all the instruments, but I need to learn how to program drums first.

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@thitiki said:

@norrinboltagonprime21: Lol'd at the gif but I actually like Ash even though he seems to be widely hated!

I don't hate Ash, I just find him to be incompetent as a trainer at times. He and his pokemon have so much potential and he wastes it!!!

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I like to read. Anything really, I don't have a preference. Stuff about science is always intriguing, just knowing how the planet works is enlightening.

I have played guitar and bass for over 9 years now, sometimes I get bored, but I still like to mess around every now and then.

I like to draw and write. I have actually had some of my stuff published in some zines, I actually got to work as a contributing writer for the Onion. woot!

I also like to cook, write crappy X-Men fan fiction, watch Animes and do activist work.

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Jennifer Lawrence


Classic Movies

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Video games






Martial arts





Playing my guitar

Telling jokes

Listening to music





Wearing cool clothing

Caring for animals

Build robots

Program computers


Read books

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@_gaff_: I'm an environmental major too!

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i like to lay down and just google anythng that pops in my head

i like to draw

i watch abridge series

and well mary jane is my life (yeah im a loser, yay!)

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Playing Yu-gi-oh non competitive just go fun

Jogging its been a hobby of mines since high school

Pick up basketball


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  • Theater
  • Improv Comedy
  • Fashion
  • Space
  • Heroes of Might & Magic III
  • Listening to Music ( The Postal Service | The National | Frank Sinatra | Say Anything | Blink 182 | I Fight Dragons | Jimmy Eat World )
  • Running
  • My Girlfriend

That about sums up what I do with my time.

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Emma Watson





Some cartoons

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Video games


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Art, mostly animated, cartoons, I like figures and sculpts for the artistic standpoint, Sculpting is pretty hard to do I imagine, i respect the craft.

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Drawing, things of the spirit and of faith and religion, giant monster movies, animated films, cute things, women, food, women with short hair, reading, history (particularly American history as of recent), gaming with friends, fruity drinks, women with long hair, very old & classic cars, very old & classic movies, taking pictures, acting/making pretend, tacos, sweets, meats, culture, winter, grey things, cold things, abstract thought and pop-tarts.

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horror movies

sci-fi movies

action movies


Listening to rap music

collect artwork

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Anime, tokusatsu.

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Star Wars, some anime, video games.

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  • Video games
  • Martial Arts
  • Manga
  • K drama (asian drama in general)
  • Movies all genre's
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Travel is a big one for me.

Also I like writing, astronomy, the environment, and I watch what is probably an unhealthy amount of Air Crash Investigation.

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Historical Research

Video Games