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In Brazil, a unidentified criminal managed to break into a house with the help of accomplice and steals almost everything valuable inside the home (cash, TV, video games, clothes, etc). Though with the help of the footage taken, they manage to track down the place where he was hidden along, but believe or not, he was able to escape from eight officers despite being crippled. The only things they were able to retrieve was the crutches that he used to walk.

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Marcelo Rezende is so talking about this today =P

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How is that even possible?

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Looks like he has "1 Leg" on the competition.

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Just shoot his other leg off

#justice served

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LOL, police;

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Lol! Wow! xD How did I miss this thread lol?

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It's nice to see that Justice doesn't discriminate against the disabled.

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One-legged supervillains are IN this year.

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He said i am doing this with one leg and a prayer.

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Imagine being the cops and having to go back to the station after this.

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They must have transfered from the Gotham PD.