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Alright, so todays random read was Amazing Spider-Man 546, which turns out to be the begining of the Brand New Day arc. Despite owning most of the arc, if not all of it, I have never read it due to my dissatisfaction with the One More Day storyline. That's when I stopped reading Spider-Man. I digress however. This issue was a pretty good read for no reason at all. The SRA is still new in effect due to the Civil War series and spider-man hasn't been seen for 100 days. The Daily Bugle has a buyout looming over it, Peter is living with Aunt May and there is some new chick called Jackpot running around as New Yorks official hero. Mr Negative is set up to be an upcoming problem for Spidey and Harry is no longer dead (WTF?). A mugger is running around with a spidey mask robbing people (to include Peter) and Aunt May is spending time at a homeless kitchen with a Mr Lei (who in the future I believe turns out to be Mr Negative). My opinion of the story in the issue itself is that it sucks from the Spidey that I know. However, as a 'Brand New' spidey it sets up alright. There is no major problem for Peter yet and it kind of just reintroduces a few people and elements (Peter living at home with Aunt May, Harry, Jackpot). It doesn't destroy everything that came before it, just changed a lot of it. Peter never married (there is a poke at that with Harry). Harry never died (this I have issue with but as well all know, in comics no one ever dies). The new hero, Jackpot, I have little interest in. This is probably due to my preference of Brunettes though. It is built up as though she may be Mary Jane by using such tactics as calling someone 'Tiger' and speaking about modeling. I think ultimately it turns out to not be Mary Jane, but I could be wrong. Now, on to the single greatest thing about this comic... the artwork. The outlines and colors are great. The detail, at times seems a little forced to me, but it doesn't look bad. There is a nice picture of Peter at a job interview with a spread behind him of Spidey fighting various villians that I really enjoyed. For being a Spider-Man comic, it is very void of the crimefighter. This is for story purposes, but Spidey is one of the best characters to draw and view (when drawn well). Over all, I would give the issue a 7 out of 10. I knocked 3 points for the fact that I don't agree with the story and the fact that there is minimal Spidey in the issue.