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It's getting ready to turn into 2013 and with that comes a onslaught of responsibilities with our comic The Devil's Pool and also our company ARKVINDITA.

Man, I wish I felt more ease. But I'm scared sh!tless. I'm the Marketing guy. I do promotions, merch, planning and forward motion items... for ARKVINDICTA. But I'm also doing layout and helping with production of the comic. Three other people have contributed their time and talents to this as well as a dozen actors and models. I just don't want to let them down.

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@arkvin: Well... for one, censor sh*t.

Lest you be sentenced to the pit of comicvines.

Really though, since I'm pretty sure I've never heard of what you're talking about... yeah. Marketing dude. Might wanna try like, advertising. Guess this thread counts.

Anything of the comic you can show us?

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we'll have our sample issue out in just a few days. I'll make sure to post a copy to this thred.

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Interesting avatar. It looks like your getting... As though you're in the throes of... Wait, what are you doing with your hands..?

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@satyrgod: HAHAHAHAHAHA,

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