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You are sitting in your room watching whatever it is you usually watch. You are jumped when your living room window breaks as a small flying green object appears in your room. Its a green ring! It says "[insert name here] of Sector 2814, You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the green lantern corps" Excited you accept it. Congratulations you are now a green lantern but whats this?! "Power level critically low" the ring says. Those useless no good guardians forgot to charge your ring and you dont know where your lantern is so you can recharge it! You only have enough energy to make one construct. What do you create?

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A distress signal so that other Green Lanterns will see it, come to my planet, and escort me to get another Lantern Ring.

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Hmm, I'd build a spaceship. :P

Naw, I'd probably just do what YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said.

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Something to get me to a battery. After that, I'd probably make like...I dunno, a suit of armor or something and geek out over it.

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To hyperspace to Oa.